Unite Here, Rally, Event made possible by Salsa Photo: Unite Here,

Event Tools

What sets Salsa’s events capabilities apart from the crowd? These features, for starters, and of course the full integration with supporter management:

  • Easy-to-Use Event Interface
    Manage all your event information and actions with Salsa’s option-rich event tool. From one interface you can create impactful event pages, manage fees, add discount codes, send emails, print sign-in sheets and more. Registered users will be added to your database and can be labeled with a specific group identifier if you choose, or customize their interests based on the choices you offer. You can also set event maximums for attendance, and manage wait lists.
  • Custom Event Pages
    Choose from Salsa templates or customize your event page while staying consistent with your branding. Automatically send custom acknowledgment triggers, redirect paths and thank-you messages. Attendees are also able to modify their status, to let you know if they will no longer be able to attend.
  • Add Flexible Event Payment Options
    Whether your events are fee-based or not, Salsa can help you accommodate all your supporters’ giving needs so that you can manage registration and payment processing with ease.
  • Empower your Supporters to Host Events
    Let your strongest supporters be your local ambassadors. Use our distributed event feature to help them build and promote their own parties, meet-ups and other peer-to-peer organizing events.
  • Promote your Event
    Spread the word about your events with email or online integration, social sharing and event calendars. Google Maps integration lets supporters find events near them.
  • Track Event Success
    Create reports based on attendee status and monitor the success of supporter-hosted events. Have the knowledge at your fingertips to prepare for a great event, and follow up with supporters using reports and newly-captured data.

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