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Supporter Management

Organize Online with Salsa

Supporter management and donor tracking come together to save you time with Salsa's fully-integrated, cloud-based system. Because all of your supporters' online activities are tracked in a single system, it will take you minutes to pull together all the essential supporter information you need including: - supporter contact information and photo, - donor and advocacy action history, - event attendance and volunteer activities.

  • Supporter contact information and photo
  • Donor history
  • Event attendance and volunteer activities 

Does your organization support affiliates, chapters or other local groups? No problem. You can share information and push content out to local chapters via the same platform, to keep everyone in the loop.



Donor Tracking Software

Reporting and Analytics

Take control of your data to link supporters, actions, events and donations and build relationships in a way you never knew existed.

Supporter Data

See what really makes your online program tick with Salsa's library of prefabricated reports and powerful custom report builder.

Supporter Management Systems by Salsa
Donor Tracking Software by Salsa

Chapters and Syndication

Expand your outreach efforts, seamlessly empower your entire organization and ensure consistent global branding.

Social Marketing Automation Powered by

With the add-on package, you can go beyond traditional marketing automation (see more above) to segment your supporters based on their social media interests and activities. Even better, you can filter and respond to users using email or Twitter DM, create and update lists in Twitter and follow new users. This works hand-in-hand with other Social CRM features you’ll get in the package.

Social Media Automation - Salsa

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