Chapters and Syndication

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Chapters and Syndication Tools

Expand your outreach efforts, seamlessly empower your entire organization and ensure consistent global branding. Give your chapter organizers access to a slice of your database with these features:

  • Easy Set-Up – Salsa’s robust chapter management options let you create, edit and add campaign managers for each chapter, edit relationships and group chapters into sets for easy syndication of materials.
  • Chapter Publishing Tools – Chapters can create and publish their own webpages using the same tools you do. User-friendly features and templates ensure they stay on-brand while targeted options let them create chapter-specific pages that compliment and extend your centralized campaigns.
  • Share and Manage Supporter Records –You and your chapters can streamline record keeping and avoid duplication of lists. Individual records are only created once and can be updated and managed to accommodate membership in multiple chapters. Supporters can even adjust their preferences between chapters and at the national level.
  • Syndicate Content and Share Campaign Messaging – Seamlessly distribute campaign messaging such as pages, email broadcasts and templates to local organizers. Groups, action pages, event information and your custom fields can also be shared.
  • Reports for Every Level - Run reports for information about your organization at each level, from a national snapshot to each individual branch. Track activities by specific chapter or chapters, region or your own custom groupings.
  • Set Your Own Parameters - You control how much access to grant each chapter. Set up chapters using whatever criteria you prefer— geographic location, program types, issue, etc., and allow them access to internal chapter data and syndicated content. You can also expand what they see to include other chapters, at higher or lower levels, and group tiers of chapters for easier reporting.

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Young Democrats of America
Success Story

Young Democrats of America Empowers Young Leaders Across the Nation with Salsa

Young Democrats of America’s (YDA) membership is driven at the state and local levels, but overseen by a national office. Plus, they only have one full-time staff member at the national level. So, as you might imagine, they have some challenges.