Reporting and Analytics

Salsa Staff pour over the numbers. Photo: Salsa Staff pour over the numbers.

Reporting Tools

See what really makes your online program tick with Salsa's library of prefabricated reports and powerful custom report builder. You can access and create: 

  • Hundreds of Reports
    Tons of built-in reports on donations, campaign actions, list growth and other popular topics
  • Flexible Report Data
    Flexible report options on all Salsa data, including custom data objects
  • Multiple Formats
    Tabular spreadsheet text or striking Flash charts
  • Frequent-Use Reports
    Generate reports with ready-made hooks for user input, so you won't need to keep rebuilding the formats you use every day
  • Shared or Integrated Reports
    Export report results for offline handling or third-party integration
  • Automatic Reporting
    Schedule automatic e-mail delivery of reports... so you'll never forget to check them again

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Global Zero United for Zero
Success Story

Global Zero Uses Salsa to Track Multiple Supporters, Languages and Countries

By choosing a highly specific target audience and utilizing online petition tools, Global Zero used Salsa to create change in Europe’s stance on nuclear weapons.