Salsa Training

Salsa Software and Platform Training Photo: Salsa training guru, Jake, offers his expertise at a live training session.

Learn the Salsa Platform backwards and forwards

Regardless of your organization's size, focus or experience, Salsa training is developed to help you do what you need right now. Through online learning including webinars and step-by-step instructions on Salsa Commons, you'll understand how to use Salsa to its fullest.

We recognize that Salsa serves many different types of organizations. The type of learning materials that you need if you're a six-person, all-volunteer campaign will be completely different than if you're the communications manager of a nationwide organization.

Similarly, not everyone learns the same way — some like to read guides or FAQs, others prefer to see video demonstrations and some get the most out of hands-on use with interactive modules. To address this diverse community of Salsa users and learners, we provide our clients:

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Success Story

EWG Fundraise to Protect Public Health and the Environment Using the Salsa Platform

How much does the environment really affect human health? Are air pollutants and tainted water shortening our lives and those of our children? What should we look for and where can we find credible answers? These questions and many others have been driving environmental awareness in recent years.