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Get a little help from your thousands of friends in our online community called Salsa Commons, or read through our product documentation.  And, we have extensive strategic education resources available as well.  Read all about it:

Do More with Salsa (with a Little Help from Your Peers)

To make the most of your Salsa experience, turn to our team and your peers for support. Get to know all the people and resources available by reading below. First thing's first: Support. The easiest way to get support from the Salsa client services team is to submit a ticket through Salsa Commons. Just look for the link! Alternatively, feel free to use the search box or browse the forum topics. We publish new how-to articles, tips and tricks or release information nearly every day.

Learn Salsa

Salsa is a very powerful tool. Like anything with that much power, learning how to use it wisely will make you that much more powerful. No matter what you are doing with Salsa today, you can find more information on it easily, divided by subject in the Learn Salsa section of Commons.

Partner Directory

The Salsa community is made up of more than just Salsa users. We have over 200 partners who help clients accomplish their goals, helping with everything from development and design to communications and marketing, consulting and strategy, international and even mobile. 

Community Forum

As we mentioned above, Salsa Commons is a great place to get support- both from the team here at Salsa as well as your peers.  In our online community, you'll be able to find things like release notes (updates we post about any new code in Salsa), user-specific blogs (articles written just for Salsa users) and even feature requests (a place where you can submit your ideas or comments).