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The Feel-Good Phenomenon of Giving

The Feel-Good Phenomenon of Giving

It’s a mistake to assume that charitable givers give grudgingly, or that they set hard-and-fast limits on the amounts they will give. In fact, research on the subject indicates the opposite is true: People who give feel good, and feeling good often compels them to give even more.

This was confirmed several years ago by a Harvard Business School study – “Feeling Good About Giving: The Benefits (and Costs) of Self-Interested Charitable Behavior” — that explored possible correlations between happiness and charitable giving and found that “... happier people give more, that giving indeed causes increased happiness, and that these two relationships may operate in a circular fashion.”

Many nonprofits fall into the trap of thinking that asking for donations is bad. But those organizations able to embrace the idea that donors actually like to give — they like you, they like your cause, and they don’t hate to hear from you —stand to unlock great wells of revenue and donor involvement.