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Email Isn’t as Sexy as It Used to Be, But It Isn’t Dead Either

Watch: Email Isn’t Dead

Maybe you’ve heard the claims - “email is dying,” “no one uses email anymore,” “everyone is on social media.”

Yes, social media is huge right now (which makes it a huge asset to nonprofits). But you have to have an email address to sign up for just about all of the networks out there. And just about anything else you want to sign up for on the Internet requires an email address, too.

But email is good for so much more.

In this webinar, Christine Schaefer of Salsa and Marcy Rye of Wire Media argue that email is thriving and still an important engagement technique.

You’ll learn:

  • Where and how to collect email addresses to build your list.
  • Best practices for subject lines and A/B testing to get the highest open and click-through rates.
  • How often you should send emails to your supporters and when to stop.
  • The latest in email deliverability, including how Google Tabs impacted deliverability.