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7 Steps to Nonprofit Valentine's Campaigns Done Right

What better way to make your supporters fall even more deeply in love with your cause than to launch a full-on Valentine’s Day-themed assault! You know the drill – full of little candy-hearts, adorable animal gifs, clever innuendos and blinking font alternating between pink and red.

That will surely win your fans over, right?!! Wrong. Sounds like we need an intervention in order to re-calibrate those love beams.

Your beloved supporters (much like the love interests in your personal life) can only take so much…love. And while it may seem like a good idea to have love songs automatically play when visitors arrive to your donation page, you may want to re-think that little gesture.

Good rule of thumb – less is more. You’re not the only one professing your love for your supporters on Valentine’s Day, so it’s important to not confuse volume with impact. In other words, you don’t need to be louder than everyone else just to have your message heard. You want supporters to feel warmth and sincere appreciation, not leave your site seeing red because they’re frustrated with clunky user interactions or so lost in cutesy language that they fail to see your organization's true value and impact.

Here are a few nonprofits that are “winning” at Valentine’s Day campaigns that inspire the right amount of devotion: 

1) Use the Right Imagery:

Simple images that say a lot. These organizations get in on the holiday spirit, but keep their causes central to the message:

Natural Resources Defense Council:



Center for Biological Diversity:



Amnesty International: 



2) Target the Right Audiences:

American Red Cross gives an extra dose of love to its blood donors on Vday:



3) Have Fun:

Keep it light-hearted and fun as nicely demonstrated by this video from charity:water


4) Share the Love:

The World Wildlife Foundation encourages its supporters to share these adorable Ecards – fun activity for supporters and friends of supporters alike:





5) Build Strategic Partnerships:

You can pair with an organization or socially-conscious company that sells Valentine’s Day gifts like Livestrong did.



6) Connect to Action:

Read the full email from Moms Rising to see how they connect the dots between visual impact and advocacy.



7) Show the Impact:

Nonprofits often use Valentine’s Day as a hook or kick-off for campaigning, but check out how Children’s Hospital Los Angeles builds to a successful final event just in time for the big day:



The words of poet Lord Tennyson are true even for nonprofits: "Tis better to have loved and lost. Than never to have loved at all." So get creative and have fun with your Valentine’s Day campaigning…you’ll be sure to learn a lot about love!

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