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And The Winners Are…

by Beth Johnson, Communication Specialist, Salsa

Congratulations to our two award winners, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Protect Our Defenders, announced Friday morning at the Salsa Community Conference.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation received the Best Campaign award, recognizing its efforts with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) campaign. With just a few days notice, EFF worked with Salsa to maximize the advocacy tools and create an outreach campaign to tell Congress to vote against SOPA legislation. The effort, which garnered roughly 400,000 supporters for EFF, resulted in the tabling of SOPA legislation. Read more about the campaign in the EFF success story.

Protect Our Defenders was honored with the Hot Tamale Award, receiving praise for their use of the Salsa platform, and Salsa network. Judges made their decision based on Protect Our Defenders’ use of Salsa technology to grow and segment their list and maximize communication and social media tools. They were also impressed with the organization’s outreach to Salsa partners to create more effective campaigns. Read more about the campaign in the Protect Our Defenders success story.

For more information about the awards, read our blog. You can also view a list of finalists.

Thanks again to PowerThru and See3 Communications for sponsoring these awards.

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