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Jennifer Gmerek

Jennifer Gmerek

Jennifer has 10 years of experience in helping nonprofits take creative approaches to their advocacy, fundraising and engagement efforts online.

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Yes You Can: Ground Rules for Nonprofit Lobbying and Advocacy

In the nonprofit world, we face tough challenges every day. And different challenges require different solutions. Your organization may need to play offense to advance its cause or, at times, play defense to block certain policy threats. Whatever the approach, there are many paths you can take to achieve your mission through advocacy.

Topics: Advocacy

Why Mobile Matters for Your Nonprofit

We’ve heard the question: Why is mobile such a big deal for nonprofits?

Topics: Marketing

Infographic 10 Smart Ways to Master Your Email Subject Lines

Your email can move mountains: It’s got gripping imagery. Personalized storytelling. A solid call-to-action. And all the markings of a successful message sure to deliver major results. 

Topics: Marketing

7 Steps to Nonprofit Valentine's Campaigns Done Right

What better way to make your supporters fall even more deeply in love with your cause than to launch a full-on Valentine’s Day-themed assault! You know the drill – full of little candy-hearts, adorable animal gifs, clever innuendos and blinking font alternating between pink and red.

Topics: Strategy

30+ Must-Read Blogs for Nonprofits

Have you finally gotten used to writing the new year in the date yet? And, how are those New Year’s resolutions going?

Topics: Strategy Advocacy Fundraising Marketing

How to Write an Awesome Thank You Email

Why send a thank you note at all?

Topics: Fundraising

5 Tips for Powerful Nonprofit Year-End Campaign Videos

Supporter Engagement

If integrated into your campaign properly, video can be an invaluable resource. It can add powerful visuals, a fresh perspective on storytelling, and a new platform for deepening donor engagement.

Year-end campaign videos, in particular, are a great way to exercise your creative muscles, test your limits, and get in the holiday spirit!

Topics: Strategy

Nonprofit Email List Segmentation 101

This blog is a part of our recent series on nonprofit training.

Topics: Marketing

3 Tips for Crafting a Practical Online Advocacy Strategy

Goal-setting around an advocacy campaign can be like hitting a moving target. There are dozens of factors that can change outcomes in the blink of an eye, including legislative calendars, media attention, political will, your ability to turnout enough supporters for an event or to raise enough money. And forget about any clear timelines – concrete political or social change can sometimes stretch on many, many, many years before there is any real change to speak of.

Topics: Advocacy

Top 10: Reading List for Nonprofit Fundraisers

The summer days are wearing on…and maybe even wearing you down a little bit (especially if you’ve started planning your year-end fundraising campaign – hint hint). And we figure there might be a few of you out there in need of a jolt of inspiration. So today we’re sharing a few good reads that are sure to get your mental gears turning and creative lights blinking. 

Topics: Events

3 Most Profitable Types of Nonprofit Fundraisers

I hate to break it to you, but raising money for your nonprofit or cause is always going to be a challenge. However, creating the most successful - and most profitable - campaign doesn’t just come from delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. Whether you're relying mainly on social media, email, your website or other means to get the word out, there's one more very important factor that must also be considered: what type of nonprofit fundraiser will you create?

Topics: Fundraising