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Mark Kelly

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20 Key Performance Indicators Nonprofit Management Needs to Track

When it comes to determining how efficiently your nonprofit operates, there’s nothing quite as helpful as a large pool of accurate, relevant performance indicators that can objectively show you exactly how well you’re doing.

Topics: Strategy

7 Tips to Convince Your Board to Invest in Fundraising Software

You've done all the research, weighed all the options, and finally decided to make the jump. You're ready to invest in nonprofit fundraising software.

Now, the only thing standing between you and more successful fundraising efforts is having to convince your board.

Topics: Supporter Management

8 Steps to Incorporate Mobile Fundraising into Your Advocacy Campaign

If you're in the business of advocacy, chances are you're a passionate individual. You think globally and act locally. You care about having your voice and the voices of those you advocate for heard above the fray.

Whether you're lobbying, litigating, educating, or organizing for your cause, there's one common factor that all groups have to consider: funding.

Topics: Advocacy Fundraising

Ultimate Guide to Fundraising Software

Choosing the right software is a critical decision for any nonprofit organization.

Topics: Supporter Management Advocacy Fundraising Peer to Peer

Featured in an Expert Interview Series

Blake Groves, the VP of Strategy and Business Development at Salsa was recently featured in an expert interview series with Group Texting. 

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Fundraising

What is Mobile Fundraising?

Mobile fundraising is the raising of money for a nonprofit or faith-based organization that involves donors giving through their mobile devices. These mobile devices can be smartphones or tablets, and the whole point of mobile fundraising is that it makes giving easy, quick, and accessible from anywhere.

Topics: Supporter Management Fundraising

What is Advocacy Advertising?

At face value, it’s not exactly difficult to figure out the basic meaning of advocacy advertising. Just as it sounds, the term applies to marketing for various advocacy campaigns.

Topics: Advocacy

6 Strategies and Techniques for Running an Advocacy Campaign

Whether you’re just ramping up an advocacy campaign, in the thick of it, or reflecting back on a recent effort, there’s value in evaluating your practices and seeing where you could improve your campaigns.

Topics: Advocacy

5 Steps to Planning an Advocacy Campaign

A professional chef plans out her five course meal. A teacher lines up his lesson plan. A paperboy maps out his route. And...an advocate plans out an advocacy campaign. 

Topics: Advocacy

Back to Basics: What is Advocacy?

Have you ever taken steps to support a cause that’s near and dear to your heart? Have you ever used your own platform to raise awareness of a societal issue that can’t fix itself?

Topics: Advocacy

6 Best Practices for Writing a Major Gift Proposal

A formalized major gift proposal, whether mailed in a letter or delivered in presentation format, has to hit certain beats.

Topics: Strategy

4 Major Gift Metrics Nonprofits Need to Track

Launching a major gift program can be a massive undertaking. You can ensure that your organization is doing all that it can to optimize the whole process by tracking success metrics (aka key performance indicators, KPIs).

Topics: Strategy Fundraising