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5 Tips for More Effective Member Engagement

For organizations with membership programs, finding a way to consistently engage members on a long-term basis often feels easier said than done.

Topics: Strategy

Shopping for Text-to-Give Software: 5 Essential Questions

Fundraising Events

Has your organization been thinking about shopping for text-to-give software? If so, you might be at a loss as to where to begin.

Topics: Marketing

6 Ways Charity Auction Software Can Support Your Next Auction

Charity auctions have been a staple of nonprofit event fundraising for years, but that certainly doesn't mean they've grown stale!

Topics: Strategy

7 Ways a Consultant Can Help Organizations with Fundraising Software

Supporter Engagement

Topics: Fundraising

Nonprofit Payment Processing for Newbies: The Crash Course

Supporter Engagement

Topics: Strategy

Why a Well-Designed Nonprofit Website Is Crucial to Your Fundraising

Supporter Engagement

We'll let you in on a little secret: if your nonprofit's website is poorly designed or out-of-date, it could be killing your fundraising.

Now that digital channels are so prevalent, visitors are more and more coming to expect positive, user-friendly online experiences from the nonprofits they support. Don't provide one, and they won't stick around long enough to make a donation.

In this article, we'll discuss just why exactly a well-designed website is crucial to your fundraising, covering topics including:

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How Crowdfunding Can Help Nonprofits Raise Money

Peer to Peer

Topics: Fundraising

8 Outstanding Online Fundraising Ideas to Try in 2017


Supporter Engagement

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20 Key Performance Indicators Nonprofit Management Needs to Track

When it comes to determining how efficiently your nonprofit operates, there’s nothing quite as helpful as a large pool of accurate, relevant performance indicators that can objectively show you exactly how well you’re doing.

Topics: Strategy

7 Tips to Convince Your Board to Invest in Fundraising Software

Supporter Engagement

You've done all the research, weighed all the options, and finally decided to make the jump. You're ready to invest in nonprofit fundraising software.

Now, the only thing standing between you and more successful fundraising efforts is having to convince your board.

Topics: Supporter Management

8 Steps to Incorporate Mobile Fundraising into Your Advocacy Campaign

Online Advocacy

If you're in the business of advocacy, chances are you're a passionate individual. You think globally and act locally. You care about having your voice and the voices of those you advocate for heard above the fray.

Whether you're lobbying, litigating, educating, or organizing for your cause, there's one common factor that all groups have to consider: funding.

Topics: Advocacy Fundraising