Automated Gift Acknowledgment in Salsa Engage [Video]

Dan Quirk
February 24, 2017

Organizations that don't focus on thank-you letters lose, on average, 81% of all first-time donors and 54% of all ongoing donors. The most valuable thing you can do to ensure longterm sustainability is to focus on boosting your donor retention rates, and the most important factor in retention is THANKING YOUR DONORS! Let's take a closer look.

Let's uncover how Salsa Engage enables you to automatically, immediately, and personally thank your donors. It's just one reason Salsa user average 74% donor retention rates, compared to the industry average of 47%.


Video Transcription


On average, organizations lose 81% of their first time donors because they don’t focus on thanking the gifts. With Salsa Engage, you’ll dramatically lower your donor attrition rates with our automated gift acknowledgment functionality.

Immediately after a donation is processed, the system automatically generates a donation receipt and you can customize the autoresponder message that goes with it.

You can also dynamically enroll donors to custom lists or groups by donation size, first time or repeat donor, or by campaign, fund, or appeal.

When a new donor enters a dynamic group, it triggers a pre-built automated email series where you can thank them further, show them how their gift is being put to use, introduce them to other programs, or ask them to engage further.


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