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Client Spotlight: Big Cat Rescue

We recently spoke with Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue and asked her some questions about how they have grown their organization by using Salsa.

1. What is your organization’s mission?

To care for the 80+ big cats we have already rescued and end the trade in exotic cats as pets, props, and for their parts.


2. How long have you been a Salsa client?

We joined Salsa the summer of 2015 and are so happy to be a part of the Salsa community now!

3. In your first year using the Salsa platform, which area of your organization saw the greatest improvement?

Within just a few months I saw a dramatic change in how much our mailing list grew. Our database has now grown from 80,000 to 122,000 supporters. Salsa makes it easy to set up forms that enable us to segment and speak directly to our supporters’ needs, whereas before with our old platform we only had one, very generic form.

I also think there is a lot of potential for increasing donations. Salsa gives us an easy way to track donations, even as specifically as how much we raise from each newsletter we send. Our donations have increased by 13% since we started using Salsa.

4. What were your challenges before you started using Salsa?  

We had so many touch points with our supporters but no way to consolidate them.  With 1.2 million fans on Facebook, over 10,000,000 views on our YouTube page, and 80,000 people on our advocacy email list, we had no way to pull all of their information, donations and advocacy into one system before Salsa. Salsa has made it possible to manage our supporters easily all in one platform.


5. How did Salsa help you overcome those challenges?  

The Salsa team has been awesome in helping us import all of our separate mailing lists into the Salsa system. Salsa's partnership with Attentive.ly enables us to figure out who our most influencial supporters are.  With Salsa's intuitive deduping features we are able to perfect our knowledge of our supporters which can only lead to better relationships.

"Our database has now grown from 80,000 to 122,000 supporters!"

6. Tell me about your most successful campaign. Why was it so successful? How did Salsa help?

July 13, 3015, was probably our most successful campaign. A lion cub was being beaten up by his father at a roadside zoo. Because Salsa enables our alerts to include a video, we were able to create an alert, embed the video and email it out to 130,000 fans. Within an hour, the zoo, which had blown us off the week before, had removed the cub from the dangerous situation.  


Salsa made it possible to save the lion cub's life by giving us the ability to engage our supporters and have them email the zoo, the USDA, and the county commissioners all with a single page. The “Tell-a-Friend” feature and the automated thank you emails also encouraged them to share the story and help build our database of people who care about big cats.

7. What is your favorite Salsa feature/tip?  

My favorite Salsa feature is the supporter interface. It is so easy to look up and change a supporter’s information - it can be done right in the first supporter screen without even having to open their file.

"Our donations have increased by 13% since we started using Salsa."

8. What webinar/resource have you found most useful?  

Moving to Salsa was easy because all of the videos and webinars have been so well done.  It shows the thought that Salsa has put into making sure their customers can always find the tools they need.

Be sure to check out all the free trainings and upcoming events here.

9. What advice would you give new Salsa users?  

Use the Salsa Commons. There is a ton of helpful advice there that will probably answer your questions before you get an email back from Support, even though those guys are very attentive.