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Connect With the Next Generation of Donors

by Steph Drahozal, Marketing Assistant, Salsa

After watching The Chronicle of Philanthropy’sConnect With the Next Generation of Donors” webinar, I learned a lot about the millennial generation and why it’s important to connect with them.

First off, let’s define millennials. Also known as Generation Y, this encompasses anyone born from the late 1970’s to the early 2000’s. That’s an estimated 80 million people! The sheer number of people alone makes them important to connect with, but it gets better. They are the first generation to have grown up with the Internet and are very tech savvy, which is great, if you know where to reach them.

Why is it important to connect with this group?

  • There are a lot of them!
  • They are your future activists
  • With a tech-savvy nature, they can be reached fairly inexpensively and interacted with regularly
  • They have an impulsive donating nature, 42% donate within moments of receiving an ask

And why is it sometimes more difficult to reach them?

  • Their interests and dynamics are ever changing
  • It can be hard to grab and keep their attention
  • They have great expectations of those organizations with which they interact, including wanting impeccable credibility

So how do you do it?

Millennials have a short attention span so traditional media doesn’t always work with them. To connect with millennials, you have to find other ways to engage with them. One great place to start is social media- about 75% of this generation have one or more social media profile(s). Do your research and you will likely find the social media networks where your supporters spend the most time. Start with Facebook and Twitter, but you might find your specific audience prefers something else, like Tumblr, Spotify, Pinterest or Instagram.

Another way to reach them is through peer-to-peer influence. They know what their friends are up to and what they care about, and they are heavily influenced by each other. Offer content that is worth sharing and they will do it, and spread your message for you. Use tactics like storytelling, humor and urgency to grab their attention.

Need some assistance with your efforts to reach millennials? Salsa can help. Try it out and see what we can do for you.

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