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Creating Your Multi-Channel Outreach Plan to Grow Your List

Writing and editing content is time consuming. And one thing we all know about nonprofit is that you don’t have a lot of spare time. Make it easier on yourself and start working to share one piece of content across multiple channels. This may mean adjusting it as it goes from a newsletter article to a social media post but even that is faster than trying to write something new, from scratch, for every different channel.

Check out the video, How to Create Your Multi-Channel Plan to Grow Your List, and learn:

  • How to integrate different channels into one successful campaign (like email, direct mail and social media)
  • How to get people’s attention and their email address
  • The 3 R’s of content

The session is taught by Brenna Holmes, director of the interactive department of Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey, a multi-channel marketing firm that specializes in exactly this topic. 

Topics: Strategy