Donor Software: 6 Essential Tools to Drive Your Mission

Alex Jeter
July 3, 2019

Check out the top donor software to drive your mission.

When it comes to donor software, your nonprofit should take advantage of the right tools and resources to most effectively track your relationships with your supporters. After all, if you want to obtain new donors and retain the ones you have, the right software will help you manage all aspects of your interactions with them.

The first thing to consider is the nonprofit CRM you’re using, which handles and organizes all of your donor data. From there, a variety of tools can make your donor management even easier to navigate and maintain.

We’ve listed 6 tools to consider for your donor software toolbox that will help manage your relationships from beginning to end:

  1. Salsa CRM
  2. Double the Donation
  3. DonorSearch
  4. 360MatchPro
  5. WealthEngine
  6. ShowClix

Are you ready to take a closer look at the top donor software for nonprofits? Let’s dive in!

Learn about Salsa CRM's donor management software.

1. Salsa CRM - Top Donor Software for Nonprofits

Overview of Salsa CRM

Salsa CRM allows you to streamline your donor data and optimize your strategy. Host all of your information in a single donor management software to maximize efficiency, while using robust reporting features and dashboards to help you focus on what you need to do!

Salsa CRM also helps you personalize your outreach by offering in-depth donor profile data, so you can create personalized and relevant messages to cultivate long term relationships with your supporters.

Salsa CRM’s Donor Management Software Features

Salsa CRM offers a variety of donor management software features, including:

  • Rich donor profiles. Track contact information, relationships, interests, and more with this donor management software. You can also keep your data clean with deduplication features.
  • Donation tracking. Keep track of data with detailed notes to manage your donors as well as track donation history.
  • Direct mail. Fundraise via direct mail with a powerful mail merge tool and label printing. Create professional letters in the built-in word processor.
  • Analyze and track data. View your performance with customized dashboards that offer real-time data. Measure important metrics to track your donor management and fundraising goals, and get the information that will help you focus on retaining donors.

Use Salsa CRM with Salsa Engage, our online marketing, fundraising, and advocacy system:

  • Online donation forms. Customize mobile-friendly donation pages, accept all types of contributions (one-time, recurring, etc.), and embed your forms into your website.
  • Digital Marketing. Manage all of your digital marketing in one place - email, social media, online forms, and marketing analytics dashboard.
  • Online advocacy. Build online petitions and targeted actions and manage social advocacy and click-to-call campaigns.
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising pages. Easily create peer-to-peer fundraising pages and track individual pages for progress.

Why Salsa CRM Stands Out

Salsa CRM’s donor management software offers everything you need to be successful all in one place. You can keep track of all your supporter activity using one system that allows you to segment and target donors and report your performance in the easiest way possible.

Automate your marketing tasks, such as emails and gift acknowledgments, and focus on what’s most important for your nonprofit: growing and retaining your supporter base. Even more, Salsa CRM is a very informative platform because it integrates with all of the tools listed below. Get the toolset and all the customer support you need with Salsa CRM.

Salsa's donor software offers several great features.

Double the Donation is a top donor software for nonprofits.

2. Double the Donation - Top Donor Software for Nonprofits

Overview of Double the Donation

Double the Donation is the leading matching gifts database, with more than 8,500 organizations using it. Its comprehensive database gives you access to thousands of profiles that can help you connect with companies that offer corporate giving programs, and it integrates with Salsa.

Double the Donation’s Donor Software Features

Some of the great features Double the Donation offers include:

  • Matching gift forms. Get access to the matching gift forms donors will need in order to submit their match requests to their employers.
  • Automated tools and updates. Automated tools will discover new programs and monitor existing programs if they change.
  • Embedding capabilities. With Double the Donation’s Premium Plan, you can embed their matching gift plugin on your donation page and throughout your fundraising channels to maximize your matched donations.

Why Double the Donation Stands Out

Because corporate giving program details are constantly changing, it’s important to stay on top of any updates. Double the Donation updates its database regularly to include new companies with matching gift programs, new companies with volunteer grant programs, new or updated submission URLs, and new or updated guideline URLs. This makes it a top donor software for nonprofits, as you’ll always have the information you need.

Learn more about Double the Donation's donor software.

DonorSearch is a top donor software for nonprofits.

3. DonorSearch - Top Donor Software for Nonprofits

Overview of DonorSearch

DonorSearch’s goal is to provide accurate, comprehensive, and actionable data to help nonprofits get better results from their fundraising and outreach efforts. All of this is done through prospect research.

This donor software for nonprofits provides accurate information that helps identify your best prospective major gift donors, annual fund donors, and more based on philanthropic and wealth indicators.

DonorSearch’s Donor Software Features

Of DonorSearch’s many great features, these stand out:

  • Integrated Search. Enter information about a prospect to generate a report outlining all of their wealth and philanthropic information, including income, real estate relationships, stock transactions, and more.
  • Records. Find prospects and research their wealth markers and philanthropic activity, including information showing their ability to give, philanthropic activity, and nonprofit affiliations.
  • Gift search. Search for all the gifts given by an individual, couple, foundation, or organization.
  • Portfolio. Sort and analyze your information in the donor software however you need it.

Why DonorSearch Stands Out

DonorSearch compares the donor information that your organization provides to the information found from charitable giving and wealth databases. Because of this, you can gain access to the nation’s largest philanthropic database, which also integrates with Salsa CRM to enhance your donor management experience.

DonorSearch also uses proprietary matching logic to give nonprofits actionable results. They accurately measure the capacity and willingness to give of your nonprofit’s current and potential donors.

Learn more about DonorSearch's donor software.

Learn more about donor software for nonprofits.

360MatchPro is a top donor software for nonprofits.

4. 360MatchPro - Top Donor Software for Nonprofits

Overview of 360MatchPro

360MatchPro is comprehensive donor software meant for larger nonprofits who are looking for completely automated matching gifts software.

Their platform automatically identifies opportunities to use matching gift programs. As a nonprofit, you can automate your outreach and analyze and forecast your revenue from corporate giving, all through one program.

360MatchPro’s Donor Software Features

360MatchPro also integrates with Salsa CRM and offers a variety of helpful features, including:

  • Identification Tools. Identify your donors’ matching gift eligibility based on the email address they supply during the donation process.
  • Automation. Create templates and trigger automated emails to send to donors based on what your organization needs.
  • Branding and customization. Create emails with your branding and reflect your organization in all communications.
  • Dashboard. View a dashboard that tracks your matching gift metrics and get a complete picture of your efforts.
  • Sync your data. Sync the data from 360MatchPro to your CRM, register donations, update records, and more.

Why 360MatchPro Stands Out

360MatchPro’s donor management software offers a seamless donor experience. Even if your donors forget to check their matching gifts eligibility, the software will automatically determine if they are match eligible through email address identification so you can still remind them.

Learn more about 360MatchPro's donor software.


WealthEngine is a top donor software for nonprofits.

5. WealthEngine - Top Donor Software for Nonprofits

Overview of WealthEngine

WealthEngine works with organizations who want to use wealth and lifestyle data to enhance their efforts. Using these wealth and lifestyle insights, this donor software for nonprofits helps with your highly-targeted campaigns to deliver measured outcomes. Expand your audience, decrease acquisition costs, and increase your revenue.

WealthEngine’s Donor Software Features

With WeathEngine’s software, you can:

  • Search. Quickly and accurately segment constituents to make the most of your time when you decide to engage prospects.
  • Screen. Combine your data with WealthEngine’s to get a bigger picture of your existing constituents. Combine their wealth and lifestyle data with what you already know.
  • Prospect. Build segmented groups of donors most likely to connect with your organization.
  • Analyze. Analyze your audience with predictive lead scoring. Identify your best prospects and develop leads by comparing prospects to those currently in your database.

Why WealthEngine Stands Out

WealthEngine is both client- and quality-focused. They partner with the right resources to provide the best solution for your needs. WealthEngine also integrates with Salsa CRM to make your donor management experience even richer and give you the information you need to most effectively engage with your constituency.

Learn more about WealthEngine's donor software.

ShowClix is a top donor software for nonprofits.

6. ShowClix - Top Donor Software for Nonprofits

Overview of ShowClix

With ShowClix, you can engage with donors through your events. Sell tickets through ShowClix to gather their information, record the information in your database, and steward them as a regular part of your community.

ShowClix’s Donor Software Features

ShowClix allows you to easily put on a nonprofit event and track attendee data by using the following features:

  • Ticket management. Manage table seating, group sales, coupons, and application forms.
  • Mobile ticket delivery. Give your event attendees the ultimate convenience by sending tickets to their mobile devices.
  • Flexible checkout options. Customize your checkout process, such as by collecting donations during checkout.
  • Reporting. Get real-time ticket sales updates and use report templates to pinpoint the information you need.

Why ShowClix Stands Out

ShowClix offers total ticketing management with a customizable solution so you can stay true to your brand. Even better, it integrates with Salsa CRM! Manage reserved seats, create event pages, and make your marketing easy all with the same platform.

Learn more about ShowClix's donor software.

Donor software gives your organization the power to better understand your donors, resulting in better donor retention rates and more effective fundraising strategies. By choosing the best solution, your nonprofit will ensure you can create strategies to meet all of your goals.

Learn more about donor software for nonprofits.

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