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18 Nonprofits And The Election Issues That Will Affect Them The Most


All across America, nonprofit charities, agencies, foundations, and legislative advocacy organizations are gearing up for Election Day on November 8th. While the Presidential race has gotten the lions' share of national press coverage, the future and the funding for so many nonprofits will be impacted by Congress, state legislatures, and local politics, more than any future administration's actions will affect them. The bottom line is...every race matters, at every level!

Over the last few weeks, we've been discussing with Salsa customers what issues they are concerned about as they look forward to 2017 and beyond. Below are the responses of 18 nonprofits who felt like their organization will feel be impacted by the outcome of the election:

The Question

Will the election impact your nonprofit? Which issues are you and your team watching closely?

The Answers

  • "Our State Senator race in Delaware"

  • "Healthcare (Medicaid, Medicare, ACA), employment & eduction for people with disabilities, pharmaceutical policy, complex rehab technology." (multiple organizations)

  • "All the ones no one is talking about. Afghanistan, defense spending,the role of Congress in authorizing wars."

  • Healthcare
  • "Voting rights"

  • "We look most closely for the election/re-election of legislatures with a history of approving DOH funding for ALS patient care"

  • "Criminal Justice reform"

  • "Citizens United"

  • Healthcare

  • "We are a multi-issue, multi-constituency organization that works at local, state, and federal levels. However, we will continue to organize, no matter who is in office, to hold elected officials accountable and get folks involved in the civic process."

  • "This new hourly employee threshold, which will move many of our employees into a non-exempt hourly position."

  • "The national election will have a great impact on the future state of immigration policy."

  • "Healthcare, we have a free clinic that provides no insurance or low income families with medical care."

  • "Climate and Energy"

  • "We protect and restore globally important forests and do this by building conservation and entrepreneurial capacity in our partners on the ground. Energy and natural resource extraction are big issues. Additionally, our causes benefit the world and we need more advocates so improved education funding, health care and industry regulation will all support causes like ours."

  • "Impact on donation tax-deduction limits, programs for people with disabilities."

  • "VA Reform, Veteran services, any military action that would result in additional troops"

  • "Early education funding, affordable housing, Healthcare, state tax measure"

Looking Ahead to 2017

We recently held a webinar discussing how to leverage election hysteria for environmental progress. To close out the session, our VP of Products, Blake Groves, offered up a framework for preparing not only for your immediate response to the election, but also to the issues that you expect to arise in the coming year.

Those issues may change depending on the make up of the administration, Congress, and your state and local legislators, but the framework for preparing to respond to the issues is powerful.

Watch the 3 minute video below for more:

Framework for Responding to Issues


What's Missing?

Are there any issues that will affect the future or the funding of your organization? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to subscribe to our blog before you leave!

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