Building an Email in Salsa Engage [Video]

Dan Quirk
January 13, 2017

In a mobile centric world, over half of your supporters will be reading your messages on a mobile device. Salsa Engage ensures that your messages are mobile friendly and even lets you preview your message on desktop, tablet, or phone before sending.

As the most cost-effective way to communicate with targeted segments, let's look at how you can create beautiful emails that will help you connect with supporters and inspire action!

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Creating a new email takes just a couple of minutes with Salsa Engage. We’ll start by naming our email, and then selecting the targeted audience we want to receive the message.

Next, we’ll select a layout. All of the email layouts in Salsa are pre-built to resize for tablets and mobile devices.

In the layout editor, you can customize the structure of the email with drag and drop images, callouts, buttons, or text boxes, and then design the look and feel of all those elements as well.

Salsa’s text editor is as simple as it gets, and it’s easy to add in any personalization tokens that will make your emails highly relevant.

Before you send, be sure to preview the email on desktop, tablets, and mobile to make sure it looks exactly how you want it to when your supporters receive it!


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