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Essential Guide to Growing Your Online Support

by Beth Johnson, Communication Manager, Salsa

Good news! We’re at it again. We’ve created another book that’s ready for you to download. It’s called the Essential Guide to Growing Your Online Support.

Working for a nonprofit, you know that growing your base of support is absolutely key to the success for your mission. This new guide helps you connect and engage with current donors, volunteers and activists, and tells you how to reach out to new supporters using the online tools and content you’ve probably already got in place.  It covers things like storytelling and choosing the best message for each medium, but also goes into things you might not know a lot about yet, like SEO, SEM and leveraging text messaging.

Just like the Essential Guide to End-of-Year Fundraising and the Essential Guide to Online Advocacy, The Essential Guide to Growing Your Online Support is easy-to-read but even better, it’s easy to implement. We’ve offered lots of practical examples and advice to get you going. Download your free copy of our e-book, and feel free to share the link with friends and colleagues so they can get a copy of their own. 

Topics: Supporter Management Strategy