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EWG Takes February by Storm

by Amanda Foster, Account Manager

I usually think of February as a slow month. It has fewer days than any other month and it's still freezing, so I feel that generally, not much gets done. Environmental Working Group (EWG) proved that thought wrong this month.

To kick off the month, EWG executive director Heather White joined Dr. Oz on his show to discuss bisphenol A (more commonly known as BPA) and bominated vegetable oil (more commonly known as BVO). White focused mainly on BPA, a dangerous chemical that has been linked to a whole host of serious issues from infertility to some cancers and more. If you want to learn more about BPA and possibly avoid it, EWG has a whole section of their website dedicated to the ills of BPA.

As if being on a major network wasn't enough, EWG was mentioned by renowned food writer Mark Bittman in a February 5 article in the New York Times. In his article, Bittman discusses the testing of cosmetics – particularly how testing is done in various countries and the consequences of not testing. Bittman urges readers to look at EWG's extensive research on cosmetic products that ranks them by level of hazard.

In addition to being on a respected TV show and being in what is arguably the most respected newspaper in the country, EWG also rolled out a new website this month. The new site is easily navigable with clear pictures and descriptions of what you will find in each area of the site. In case none of the above links urged you to, check out the site at www.ewg.org.

Finally, if all of that wasn't enough, EWG was featured in a Forbes magazine article: "Five More Food Websites You Can't Live Without.” The articles lists five websites that deal with food technology and innovation that the writer finds very helpful. Salsa clients comprised 40% of that list – Just Label It is also a Salsa client.

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