Top 8 Fraternity Payment Systems to Boost Collections

Mark Kelly
February 7, 2018

Check out our picks for the top fraternity payment tools and management systems!

If your fraternity chapter needs an update to your dues collection tools, you might have already realized that all the software options out there can be a little overwhelming!

As a sort of membership program, association, and philanthropy group all in one, the needs of a Greek organization are unique among nonprofits. That means your management and payment software should be specifically designed to address those needs.

Accepting and processing dues is one of the most important functions your fraternity's software needs to accomplish, so it's crucial that you find the right fit.

We've selected 8 of the top fraternity management and payment processing software solutions available to help you cut through the clutter and find the perfect tool to help your organization thrive:

  1. Salsa
  2. OmegaFi
  3. Fonteva for Associations
  4. Wild Apricot
  5. Billhighway
  6. Greek Capital Management
  7. YourMembership
  8. GreekTrack

With the right tools on your side, your fraternity can boost its revenues and keep its finances more organized than ever!

Read through these top fraternity payment processing systems to discover more about their features. One of them is sure to be a perfect solution that addresses your organization's exact needs.

 Salsa is a powerful all-around payment processing and fraternity management suite.

1. Salsa

Overview of this Fraternity Payment System

Salsa's platform offers the most comprehensive yet user-friendly data management tools on the market!

This includes an efficient payment processing system and suite of online fundraising tools designed to make collecting dues and donations easier than ever.

Built on one of the most powerful donor management CRM systems available, Salsa's management tools are optimized to help all sorts of nonprofit organizations, including fraternities, to streamline their operations. Plus, online fundraising and management tools in the Salsa Engage suite are ideal for creating subgroups and tracking payments:


Best Features of this Payment System

With a huge variety of fundraising, management, and payment tools at your fingertips, Salsa is a strong choice for any fraternity. Some of Salsa's top features include:

  • Donor management, database, and analytics tools
  • Digital fundraising software and custom pages
  • Social media and email marketing tools
  • Event planning and registration platform
  • Advocacy tools for political and social issues

As a comprehensive suite of digital nonprofit fundraising and management tools, Salsa Engage is a perfect choice for practically any organization. This is especially true for fraternities, nonprofits that engage their communities in all kinds of ways.

Pricing of this Fraternity Payment System

Packages of Salsa's software are customized to the size and needs of each organization, so prices vary.

Reach out for a custom quote if these features sound like a smart move for your fraternity!

Check out Salsa's nonprofit management and payment tools.

 OmegaFi is a top choice for fraternity payment and management system.

2. OmegaFi

Overview of this Fraternity Payment System

Designed to be a comprehensive management tool for fraternity chapters of all sizes, OmegaFi is an excellent choice if you need new payment processing tools.

With access to clearly defined tools and portals for dues, rent, fee, and donation collection, chapters using OmegaFi have reported a 21% increase in revenue after just 2 semesters!

Plus, OmegaFi offers strong management tools to help your chapter run more efficiently than ever.

OmegaFi is a leading payment and management system for fraternities and sororities!

Best Features of this Payment System

Check out all the ways OmegaFi can take your fraternity's management, finances, and fundraising to the next level:

  • Payment processing platform, including invoices and reminders
  • Bill pay tools and tax form 990 templates
  • Budgeting tools and financial trackers
  • Fundraising and alumni relations resources
  • Marketing tools and extensive chapter databases

Most importantly, OmegaFi's suite of tools covers practically every financial processing or reporting need your fraternity might have.

Pricing of this Fraternity Payment System

OmegaFi's payment processing and fraternity management platform is customized based on the number of brothers in your chapter, so prices will vary.

Contact OmegaFi to discuss your exact needs and request a customized quote!

Check out OmegaFi's leading fraternity payment and management tools.

 Fonteva for Associations is a strong payment processing tool for large groups and fraternities.

3. Fonteva for Associations

Overview of this Fraternity Payment System

Fonteva for Associations can be an excellent choice for national organizations because it's built to handle the needs of large social and professional associations.

Fonteva is a heavy-duty (but user-friendly!) solution for large fraternities that need efficient dues and payment processing, plus data reporting, event planning, and mobile app options.

Built native in Salesforce, a leading CRM for organizations and businesses of all sizes, Fonteva is a surefire way to get your fraternity's finances, collections, and management in order.

Fonteva can offer your Greek organization powerful management and payment tools.

Best Features of this Payment System

Fonteva for Associations can provide your entire fraternity with a number of essential tools to streamline its operations and boost its financial intake:

  • Effective dues reminders and processing tools
  • Full member database and analytics
  • Customizable sub-committees and groups
  • eCommerce capabilities for branded chapter products
  • Access to Fonteva Marketplace for add-on apps

If your fraternity is due for a software overhaul, research the ways that a strong association management software like Fonteva might be a smart move!

Pricing of this Fraternity Payment System

The cost for Fonteva for Associations is highly customizable depending on the number of users and the amount of cloud storage your system will need.

Contact Fonteva to discuss options and request a customized quote for your organization!

Check out the Fonteva for Associations management and payment system.

 Wild Apricot is a great choice for your fraternity payment system and management tool.

4. Wild Apricot

Overview of this Fraternity Payment System

Wild Apricot is an extremely efficient choice if your fraternity chapter is looking for a streamlined payment processing and management system.

As one of the most flexible membership platforms on the market, Wild Apricot provides software and tools for a huge variety of groups, including professional associations, churches, nonprofits of all sizes, social clubs, and Greek organizations.

With a diverse range of tools and excellent customer service, Wild Apricot is a great choice for smaller chapters looking for a cost-effective management and processing solution.

Wild Apricot offers effective payment tools to fraternity chapters of all sizes.

Best Features of this Payment System

Wild Apricot provides all the tools your fraternity needs to effectively collect dues, stay in touch with every brother, and organize your operations. Top features include:

  • Payment processing with reporting and tracking tools
  • Customizable member management database
  • Website building platform
  • Online store capabilities
  • Intuitive mobile app to send and receive payments

Lightweight and rich with tools, Wild Apricot could be the perfect solution to any issues your chapter has experienced with payment processing platforms in the past.

Pricing of this Fraternity Payment System

Wild Apricot offers a range of tiered pricing levels depending on the number of users you'll need to incorporate into the system.

Best of all, it's free to start using the platform! Your fraternity will just pay a transaction fee for each payment processed.

Explore Wild Apricot's management platform and payment system.

 Billhighway is a top pick for fraternity payment systems and financial software.

5. Billhighway

Overview of this Fraternity Payment System

As a management and payment processing platform, Billhighway focuses its tools in only three areas: associations, labor unions, and Greek organizations.

This means that their suite of tools is truly optimized to address the unique needs of fraternities that need to collect dues, manage data, and provide accurate financial reports.

Billhighway works with their clients as partners rather than as customers, helping your chapter eliminate the tedious manual tasks of payment collection and data analysis, saving your fraternity time from the get-go.

Billhighway can be a strong payment partner for your fraternity chapter.

Best Features of this Payment System

Billhighway offers a number of intuitive tools to help your fraternity thrive:

  • Easy payment processing with multiple payment options
  • Scalable solutions that grow with your chapter
  • Integrated member database
  • Customizable financial reporting options
  • Personalized support teams

Prioritizing transparency and simplicity, Billhighway is an excellent choice for smaller fraternities looking to institute some healthy financial habits as they grow.

Pricing of this Fraternity Payment System

As a customized suite of processing and management tools, the cost for Billhighway will vary according to your fraternity's exact needs.

Contact Billhighway for more information or to request a custom quote!

Check out Billhighway's fraternity payment tools.

 Greek Capital Management offers specialty fraternity payment and financial services.

6. Greek Capital Management

Overview of this Fraternity Payment System

Founded by fraternity brothers who experienced firsthand the challenges faced by chapter officers, particular treasurers, Greek Capital Management is designed to be an effective all-in-one solution for chapters looking to drastically simplify their financial operations.

As a management service, Greek Capital Management takes over the routine tasks of your chapter's finances, leaving you more free time to plan events and bond with your brothers!

Greek Capital Management offers fraternities strong payment and financial tools.

Best Features of this Payment System

Greek Capital Management's services are fairly straightforward:

  • Due collection services
  • Personal tax filing
  • Budget generation and management
  • Access to a custom financials portal for your chapter's leadership

As a simple solution for fraternities that want to take all the guesswork out payment processing and financial reporting, Greek Capital Management might make a great partner.

Pricing of this Fraternity Payment System

Since Greek Capital Management is a fully customized suite of financial services, the cost will vary depending on your fraternity's exact needs.

Contact them to discuss a quote or schedule a demo!

Explore Greek Capital Management's fraternity services and payment system.

 YourMembership is a great fraternity payment system for larger chapters.

7. YourMembership

Overview of this Fraternity Payment System

With an emphasis on efficiency, YourMembership is a great option for larger fraternity chapters in need of comprehensive processing and management tools.

Designed to streamline operations wherever possible, YourMembership could be a valuable tool in the hands of dedicated chapter officers.

Plus, YourMembership's tools are all cloud-based, meaning you'll never need to worry about losing your important chapter data or being unable to access it.

YourMembership is a strong all-in-one payment system for your fraternity chapter.

Best Features of this Payment System

YourMembership includes comprehensive features that give your chapter's officers all the data they'll need to make smart decisions and collect payments easily:

  • Intuitive donation and payment tools
  • Integrated accounting and financial reporting
  • Membership management with full CRM abilities
  • Marketing tools
  • Event planning

YourMembership can help to automate elements of your fraternity's operational workflow, making the whole team more efficient overall.

Pricing of this Fraternity Payment System

YourMembership's starting package begins at $292 a month, including up to 1,000 members and 3 administrators for your chapter's account.

Contact them for more information or to discuss more customized options!

Explore YourMembership's nonprofit management and payment tools.

 GreekTrack is an effective lightweight fraternity payment system.

8. GreekTrack

Overview of this Fraternity Payment System

Focused on providing streamlined tools that address the exact needs of Greek organizations, GreekTrack is a strong choice for any chapter looking for an easy to collect payments and manage operations.

Plus, GreekTrack provides each user with exactly the data views that they need. Membership, treasury, and philanthropy leaders will have easy access to the tools they need.

As a lightweight but fairly comprehensive management platform, GreekTrack is a great choice for smaller chapters.

GreekTrack's payment and management tools are designed just for Greek organizations!

Best Features of this Payment System

GreekTrack makes it easy to keep every brother or sister in touch with exactly the information they need, while making it easy for you to collect dues and process data:

  • PayPal-integrated payment processing
  • Blog hosting and media sharing tools
  • Ride management and event planning
  • Financial tracking platform
  • Mass text and email capabilities

With powerful and intuitive tools specifically designed for Greek organizations, GreekTrack could be a great way for your chapter to quickly streamline its operations.

Pricing of this Fraternity Payment System

GreekTrack is a particularly affordable management and payment processing solution for smaller chapters.

Its most popular plan costs on $4 per member per semester and includes customizable website hosting tools.

Explore GreekTrack's fraternity payment system.

If your fraternity chapter needs an updated payment processing system or suite of management tools, the choices can be overwhelming. Depending on the size of your chapter, your budget, and your exact needs, there are tons of options to choose from.

These top 8 picks represent the best platforms available across the spectrum, from heavy-duty association management tools to smaller-scale lightweight solutions for smaller groups.

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