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Nonprofit Fundraising Events: Which Produce the Highest ROIs?

Fundraising events can be a shot in the arm for nonprofits seeking to generate revenue beyond grants and regular donations, but often have upfront costs and require ample staff time to organize.

Nonprofit leaders must decide which fundraising event is the best for their organization, based on resources available. It's difficult to choose events and depends significantly on what fundraising software platform that your organization is using.

Here's a snap shot from the report depicting ease of planning v. return on investment...

Best Fundraising Events 1

Nonprofit market researcher Janna Finch interviewed industry experts and analyzed survey responses from almost 100 event-planning professionals to identify events with the highest return on investment (ROI), and explored how software can help with ease of planning. Here are some key findings from the report:

- Fun runs and walks are the easiest events to plan, and offer high ROI
- A-thon events have the lowest cost per dollar raised (CPDR), great for all nonprofits
- Software speeds up event analysis and improves experiences for staff and attendees

Best Fundraising Events 2

Software Advice has also put together an infographic as a resource for nonprofits considering different kinds of fundraising events.

Lastly, if you're interested in 40 Fundraising Event Ideas, you can check those out here.

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