Fundraising Software: Nonprofit Guide (& 15+ Top Providers)

Alex Jeter
June 15, 2020

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Guide and 15 Plus Top Providers

Fundraising software, the applications used by nonprofit organizations to manage fundraising campaigns, include a wide variety of software that provide everything from simple form building tools to complete supporter engagement systems.

At a minimum, fundraising software will include the ability to create digital forms that can be used by supporters to submit online donations.  These systems will process payments and manage follow-up emails.  Many fundraising systems are also full-fledged marketing automation tools - providing email automation, social post management, and campaign analytics.  Complete supporter engagement systems may also include tools to manage Advocacy campaigns, Peer-to-Peer events, and other activities.  The most advanced supporter engagement systems include Smart Engagement tools that automate certain tasks and provide advanced intelligence to prioritize tasks and guide an organization's strategy.

1) Why do nonprofits need fundraising software?

2) What should nonprofits look for in fundraising software?

3) What are the types of fundraising software?

4) What are the best fundraising software solutions?

Why do nonprofits need fundraising software?

Your supporters are receiving increasing numbers of requests to donate, share posts, register for events, and engage in events of all types.  Fundraising software can help you optimize your messaging and track performance.  Features such as A/B testing of email subject lines and automated email series can help your organization ensure that right messages are reaching the right supporters and the right time.

What should nonprofits look for in fundraising software?

While the exact list of features you need will be specific to your organization, there are certain features that vary widely among nonprofit software systems:

  • Visual form designer: One of the primary uses of fundraising software is the creation and management of fundraising forms.  Form design tools vary greatly in their ease-of-use and the level of customization that they allow.
  • Email automation: Many fundraising applications provide varying degrees of marketing automation features.  Depending on your organization's needs, be sure to evaluate email design features, automated email workflows and triggers (email series), and email performance tracking.
  • Campaign tracking: Evaluate campaign tracking features by looking at the reports and visual graphs that are available for specific campaigns and overall fundraising.
  • Integrations capabilities: Some fundraising systems are designed to integrate to external applications and some are not.  If your organization uses a CRM system, accounting system, or other piece of software that is important to you operations - be sure to consider how those applications will work with the fundraising systems you are evaluating.

What are the types of fundraising software?

All-in-one fundraising systems contain features that support an entire organization's supporter engagement efforts. Different types of fundraising software that may be part of an all-in-one supporter engagement system include:

  • Fundraising Software: As mentioned above, core fundraising software will manage fundraising campaigns and online donation forms
  • Marketing Automation Software: Marketing automation software manages bulk email campaigns, automated email messaging, social posts, and website landing pages.
  • Advocacy Software: Advocacy software provides a nonprofit advocacy organization with the ability to run advocacy campaigns by automating petitions, targeted actions, and legislative outreach.
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising Software: P2P Software offers a platform for virtual or live P2P events on which individual supporters can establish their own fundraising page.
  • Event Software: Event management software is specialized software often found outside of integrated fundraising systems. Event management software features can vary greatly, but normally handle ticketing, messaging, and planning around events.
  • Donor Management or CRM Software: Donor management software, also known as Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software, tracks detailed information about each of your supporters and their fundraising history.


What are the best fundraising software solutions?

1. Salsa Engage:
Best Fundraising Software for All Nonprofits

Overview of Salsa Engage
Salsa Engage is comprehensive Smart Engagement Technology that provides nonprofits with a full platform to manage all supporter engagement.

From fundraising to marketing automation and advocacy campaigns to peer-to-peer events, Salsa Engage helps nonprofits every day raise funds, engage with supporters, and advance their mission!

Salsa Engage Fundraising and Supporter Engagement Features
Salsa Engage features that users love include:

  • Easy to use visual design tools for creating beautiful customized forms and emails.
  • Advanced queries and reports configurable to meet your specific needs.
  • Single platform for managing all supporter engagement - including P2P events and advocacy campaigns.
  • Advanced marketing automation tools for managing automated emails, social posts, and more.

Why Salsa Engage Stands Out
Not only does Salsa Engage help your nonprofit better engage with donors a multi-channel approach to supporter engagement, but it also helps your nonprofit track how effective each type of outreach, campaign, and event is.

Salsa Engage campaign and fundraising dashboards and customizable reports provide your nonprofit with a clear and concise understanding of that status and success of each campaign. 

2. DonorSearch

Overview of DonorSearch
DonorSearch provides a software solution that enhances the fundraising strategy for nonprofits everywhere. The software DonorSearch offers is a prospect research solution for nonprofits.

Nonprofits can use these tools to better understand their donors' financial and philanthropic backgrounds.

They can use the DonorSearch database to find information about an individual's past donations, stock transactions, and other key indicators.

DonorSearch's Fundraising Software Features
DonorSearch's extensive database can be used to find information about:

  • Wealth indicators that show the ability to give and provide insight as to how much to ask for.
  • Philanthropic indicators that show their willingness to give to other organizations and their historic interactions with various causes.
  • Affiliations with other nonprofits.

When your fundraising software toolbox includes a prospect research tool, your nonprofit is better equipped to handle your major giving, capital, and other large campaigns.

Why DonorSearch Stands Out
With DonorSearch, your nonprofit can create effective and highly specified marketing lists.

With over 300 different categories to filter supporters by, you can confidently contact supporters sure to care about a cause as important as yours.

Plus, DonorSearch integrates with other top fundraising software like Salsa. With the two tools, you can reach out directly to your top prospects from a single solution. 

Check out DonorSearch's prospect research fundraising software.

3. 360MatchPro

Overview of 360MatchPro
360MatchPro by Double the Donation is a completely automated matching gift solution. This software is designed to help nonprofits identify matching gift opportunities and reach out to eligible donors in one fell swoop.

With 360MatchPro, your nonprofit can start seeing (and measuring!) the impact that matching gifts have on your fundraising strategy.

360MatchPro's Fundraising Software Features
360MatchPro allows your organization to learn matching gift information as soon as your donors give. The notable features of 360MatchPro include:

  • Email domain identification. 360MatchPro uses the email domains from which donors submit their gift to automatically check their eligibility for a matched gift. To do this, they run the domain name through Double the Donation's complete matching gift database.
  • Email automation. As soon as you've identified the eligible supporters, you can automate emails to go out and inform these donors of the opportunity to match their gift.
  • Import bulk CSV files. Analyze your complete donor match information with downloadable CSV files directly from 360MatchPro. You can watch your donation amounts grow and identify actionable next steps through the analysis of these files.

With these incredible features, your nonprofit can watch your fundraising successes skyrocket by maximizing your use of matching gifts.

Why 360MatchPro Stands Out
Embed 360MatchPro's matching gift widget to your existing donation forms to maintain the natural appearance of your forms.

This matching gift widget will help capture the important matching gift information information you need from supporters at the time of their donation.

Check out 360MatchPro's fully automated matching gift fundraising software solution.

4. Salsa CRM:
Best Fundraising Software for Donor Data

Overview of Salsa CRM
Salsa CRM is a complete donor management system for nonprofit organizations.  Salsa CRM tracks all information about your supporters and provides reporting on supporter activity and donor history.

  • Rich Donor Profiles with user-defined fields
    Salsa CRM donor profiles include demographic information, family relationships, donation history and more.  Add an unlimited number of user-defined fields to track specific information important to your organization.
  • Sophisticated constituent dashboards and reports
    Customizable constituent dashboards give your staff easy-to-read views of constituent information, history, and notes.
  • Next Suggested Gift amounts
    Utilize Salsa's next suggested gift amount to tailor ask amounts (including dynamic ask strings).  
  • Direct mail support
    Salsa CRM provides tools to manage direct mail campaigns, including label printing and bar code management.
  • Major gift cultivation
    Use Salsa CRM to identify potential major donors and manage them through a defined cultivation process.

Learn more about Salsa's donor management fundraising software.

5. Salesforce NPSP: Best Fundraising Software for Salesforce

Overview of Salesforce NPSP
Salesforce and the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) provide a full-featured, extremely customizable donor management for nonprofits with more advanced requirements.  

Salesforce NPSP’s Fundraising Software Features

Salesforce, both the standard version and NPSP, provide a sophisticated platform for donor management.  Because it is highly customizable, Salesforce can be used to create different experiences for different users and can be integrated with other solutions from the Salesforce AppExchange.  For example, combine Salesforce with fundraising and marketing automation tools, like Salsa Engage, for a complete supporter engagement system.  Salsa Engage for Salesforce provides a strong, bi-directional integration with Salesforce and is available on the AppExchange. 

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack provides the following features for today's nonprofits:

  • Relationship-first views of your constituent data
  • Manage complex programs of different types all in one place
  • Enter offline and recurring gifts individually or in large batches
  • Insightful dashboards and reporting - all customizable to meet your needs

6. WealthEngine: Best Fundraising Software for Wealth Screening

Overview of WealthEngine
WealthEngine works with organizations who want to use wealth and lifestyle data to enhance their efforts. Using these wealth and lifestyle insights, this donor software for nonprofits helps with your highly-targeted campaigns to deliver measured outcomes. Expand your audience, decrease acquisition costs, and increase your revenue.

WealthEngine's Donor Software Features
With WeathEngine’s software, you can:

  • Search. Quickly and accurately segment constituents to make the most of your time when you decide to engage prospects.
  • Screen. Combine your data with WealthEngine’s to get a bigger picture of your existing constituents. Combine their wealth and lifestyle data with what you already know.
  • Prospect. Build segmented groups of donors most likely to connect with your organization.
  • Analyze. Analyze your audience with predictive lead scoring. Identify your best prospects and develop leads by comparing prospects to those currently in your database.

Why WealthEngine Stands Out
WealthEngine is both client- and quality-focused. They partner with the right resources to provide the best solution for your needs. WealthEngine also integrates with Salsa CRM to make your donor management experience even richer and give you the information you need to most effectively engage with your constituency.

Learn more about WealthEngine's fundraising software.


7. ShowClix: Best Fundraising Software for Ticketed Event Management

Overview of ShowClix
With ShowClix, you can engage with donors through your events. Sell tickets through ShowClix to gather their information, record the information in your database, and steward them as a regular part of your community.

ShowClix's Donor Software Features
ShowClix allows you to easily put on a nonprofit event and track attendee data by using the following features:

  • Ticket management. Manage table seating, group sales, coupons, and application forms.
  • Mobile ticket delivery. Give your event attendees the ultimate convenience by sending tickets to their mobile devices.
  • Flexible checkout options. Customize your checkout process, such as by collecting donations during checkout.
  • Reporting. Get real-time ticket sales updates and use report templates to pinpoint the information you need.

Why ShowClix Stands Out
ShowClix offers total ticketing management with a customizable solution so you can stay true to your brand. Even better, it integrates with Salsa CRM! Manage reserved seats, create event pages, and make your marketing easy all with the same platform.

Learn more about ShowClix's fundraising software.


8. Double the Donation: Best Fundraising Software for Matching Gifts

Overview of Double the Donation
Double the Donation is the leading matching gifts database, with more than 8,500 organizations using it. Its comprehensive database gives you access to thousands of profiles that can help you connect with companies that offer corporate giving programs, and it integrates with Salsa.

Double the Donation's Donor Software Features
Some of the great features Double the Donation offers include:

  • Matching gift forms. Get access to the matching gift forms donors will need in order to submit their match requests to their employers.
  • Automated tools and updates. Automated tools will discover new programs and monitor existing programs if they change.
  • Embedding capabilities. With Double the Donation’s Premium Plan, you can embed their matching gift plugin on your donation page and throughout your fundraising channels to maximize your matched donations.

Why Double the Donation Stands Out
Because corporate giving program details are constantly changing, it’s important to stay on top of any updates. Double the Donation updates its database regularly to include new companies with matching gift programs, new companies with volunteer grant programs, new or updated submission URLs, and new or updated guideline URLs. This makes it a top donor software for nonprofits, as you’ll always have the information you need.

Learn more about Double the Donation's fundraising software.


9. Zapier: Best Fundraising Software for Integration

Overview of Zapier
Zapier connects applications through workflows, called "Zaps."  By automating repetitive tasks, Zapier allows you to focus on more important work.

Zapier's Fundraising Software Features

  • Pre-built workflows for thousands of applications.  Learn how one of Salsa's clients used Zapier to integrate Salsa Engage with OptinMonster to gather information from thousands of new supporters.
  • Bi-directional data integration.
  • Tools for customizing unique integration

10. Handbid: Best Fundraising Software for Auctions

Overview of Handbid
Handbid is a mobile app and auction management platform designed to make auctions more fun, accessible, profitable, and easy to manage.

Handbid's Fundraising Software Features

  • Easy-to-use mobile bidding app
  • Support for in-person/live bidding 
  • Online, web-based, bidding for those who don't want to use the mobile app
  • Live video streaming to bidders
  • Real-time auction management from anywhere, including:  setting up auction, managing guests, creating tickets, generating invoices, viewing auction stats and more.
  • Live broadcast of auction stats and messages via Handbid TV

11. Civic Champs: Best Fundraising Software for Volunteer Management

Overview of Civic Champs
Civic Champs streamlines the volunteer process through a mobile-first platform that allows Executive Directors and Volunteer Coordinators to get more time for the tasks that matter most.  

Fundraising Software Features

  • Time tracking and automated reminders for volunteers - easy-to-use in-app features
  • Automated volunteer check-in - saving you time at every event
  • Micro donations - turn volunteers into donors!
  • Simple dashboards - allowing you to easily see volunteer activity

12. ShopRaise: Best Fundraising Software for Consumer Fundraising

Overview of ShopRaise
ShopRaise works with charitable organizations to provide supporters a simple way to shop and benefit their cause.  With over 1,7000 participating retailers

Fundraising Software Features

  • Time tracking and automated reminders for volunteers - easy-to-use in-app features
  • Automated volunteer check-in - saving you time at every event
  • Micro donations - turn volunteers into donors!
  • Simple dashboards - allowing you to easily see volunteer activity

13. Quickbooks: Best Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

Overview of Quickbooks for Nonprofits
QuickBooks track donations, invoicing, bookkeeping, and all of your accounting needs.  QuickBooks is small-business friendly and provides various options for integrating to other applications.

Quickbook's Fundraising Software Features

  • Customizable solution for most account needs
  • Categorize revenue by fund, campaign, or program
  • Easy setup and permission management for organizations using volunteers to help with bookkeeping
  • Nonprofit-specific setup and terminology available (ex:  "donor" instead of "customer")

14. Canva: Best Fundraising Software for Graphic Design

Overview of Canva
Canva is a simple-to-use graphic design tool.  Canva’s drag-and-drop features and professional layouts can be used by those without any design experience to create professional looking graphics for everything from email headers to social posts and more.  Canva provides their professional version free to nonprofit organizations.

Canva's Fundraising Software Features
Some of the great features Double the Donation offers include:

  • Drag-and-drop design tools allowing those with little to no design experience to create great looking graphics.
  • Logo builder
  • Social media templates to build perfectly-sized graphics for every social platform
  • Infographic templates to help you share your data and your story
  • Do-it-yourself graphics and templates
  • Print & save to almost any graphics format

15. Zoom: Best Fundraising Software for Online Meetings

Overview of Zoom
While there are many good online meeting platforms, Zoom has quickly become one of the most popular.  Zoom's free version limits meetings to 40 minutes, and is a great option if you needs are limited.  

Zoom's Fundraising Software Features

  • Online meetings
  • Video conferences and webinars
  • Virtual conference rooms and collaboration features
  • Chat features
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