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Fundraising Software: 9 Amazing Platforms for Nonprofits

Check out these top 9 amazing fundraising software platforms for nonprofits!

Fundraising isn't what it used to be. Asking person-to-person leads to a few pledges and some donations, but technology has helped the fundraising process reach a broader audience and become exponentially more effective. 

Fundraising software has taken on the heavy lifting for nonprofits. This software uses digital strategies to get the word out and form a valuable connection between your nonprofit and the members of your community.

Effective fundraising software gives your nonprofit the tools you need to succeed in your mission.

Think about it: fundraising software helps your nonprofit raise more money with less effort, freeing up time, money, and other resources for the mission itself.

But there are hundreds (or thousands!) of fundraising software solutions out there. How does your nonprofit choose one? What functionality should you look for in the solution to help you succeed?

We've compiled this list of top providers to help guide your nonprofit to the solution that will best fit your unique needs. Use the navigation below to jump to the software solution that intrigues you the most, or read through the entire guide!

  1. Salsa Engage
  2. DonorSearch
  3. Double the Donation
  4. Bonfire
  5. Donate Kindly
  6. Snowball Fundraising
  7. Vision2
  8. 360MatchPro
  9. Morweb

Every nonprofit has different needs. Let's get started to learn more about which of these tools is right for your organization.

Salsa Engage is our top fundraising software pick for all nonprofits.

1. Salsa Engage

Overview of Salsa Engage

Salsa Engage is a fully-equipped nonprofit fundraising toolkit that is ideal for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Salsa Engage provides tools to enhance every step of the fundraising process, from acquiring new donors, to cultivating relationships, to retaining more donors.

Not only does Salsa Engage help you formulate opportunities for donor engagement, but it also provides the tools you need to market those opportunities and spread awareness of your cause.

Salsa Engage’s Fundraising Software Features

This tool helps your nonprofit engage supporters from their initial contact with your organization, whether that's from direct mail, a social media post, an email, or other form of contact, to a full-fledged, growing relationship with your cause.

Some of the incredible features Salsa offers include:

  • Online donation forms. These branded forms allow your nonprofit to seamlessly collect donations online from your supporters. The mobile-friendly design ensures people can give from any device.
  • Automated gift acknowledgments. Acknowledge and thank donors for their gift right off the bat with an automated messaging system. Automated gift acknowledgements also make it easy to generate and send a summary report to your generous donors at the end of the year.
  • Online event registrations. One of the important donation opportunities your donors have is signing up for your events online. Whether you choose to sell tickets or not, access to registration information provides insight as to who is attending the event and who is choosing to give during registration.
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising pages. In addition to encouraging supporters to give, your nonprofit likely supports marketing fundraising opportunities to others through peer-to-peer fundraising. Salsa Engage offers personal and team fundraising pages to start your organization's next peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

These are just a few of the incredible features offered as a part of the nonprofit toolkit that is Salsa Engage. Others include donation processing, social fundraising, email fundraising, advocacy, and marketing automation.


Why Salsa Engage Stands Out

Not only does Salsa Engage help your nonprofit better engage your donors by providing opportunities, but it also helps your nonprofit track how effective these opportunities are.

With an online fundraising dashboard, your nonprofit will have a clear and concise understanding of the progress for your various campaigns as well as the successful elements in your overarching fundraising strategy.

Customize the dashboard for real-time visualization of the metrics most important to your nonprofit, including the best performing giving pages, supporter-specific metrics, and other fundraising insights.

DonorSearch amplifies your nonprofit's fundraising software arsenal with an extensive prospect research database tool.

2. DonorSearch

Overview of DonorSearch

DonorSearch provides a software solution that enhances the fundraising strategy for nonprofits everywhere. The software DonorSearch offers is a prospect research solution for nonprofits.

Nonprofits can use these tools to better understand their donors' financial and philanthropic backgrounds.

They can use the DonorSearch database to find information about an individual's past donations, stock transactions, and other key indicators.

DonorSearch’s Fundraising Software Features

DonorSearch's extensive database can be used to find information about:

  • Wealth indicators that show the ability to give and provide insight as to how much to ask for.
  • Philanthropic indicators that show their willingness to give to other organizations and their historic interactions with various causes.
  • Affiliations with other nonprofits.

When your fundraising software toolbox includes a prospect research tool, your nonprofit is better equipped to handle your major giving, capital, and other large campaigns.

Check out DonorSearch's prospect research fundraising software.

Why DonorSearch Stands Out

With DonorSearch, your nonprofit can create effective and highly specified marketing lists.

With over 300 different categories to filter supporters by, you can confidently contact supporters sure to care about a cause as important as yours.

Plus, DonorSearch integrates with other top fundraising software like Salsa. With the two tools, you can reach out directly to your top prospects from a single solution. 

Double the donation is a matching gift fundraising software solution.

3. Double the Donation

Overview of Double the Donation

Double the Donation's software solution boosts nonprofits' fundraising strategies by helping them dip into the world of corporate philanthropy. The fundraising software provided by Double the Donation is a matching gift database.

Companies with matching gift programs will match the donations their employees make to eligible nonprofit organizations.

The problem is that many eligible donors don't realize these programs are available to them. A matching gift database provides a tool that helps donors quickly and easily check to see if their employer has a matching gift policy.

Double the Donation’s Fundraising Software Features

Double the Donation is more than a comprehensive database that your supporters can use to check their eligibility. They're also focused on ensuring the software can be seamlessly incorporated into the giving process.

Double the Donation's fundraising software features make it a natural part of the giving process with:

  • Donation page embedding. Embed the database search tool directly on your nonprofit's donation page so that supporters can check their eligibility without ever disturbing the giving process.
  • CSS customization. With Double the Donation, your nonprofit can easily embed the search tool as is, but you also have the option to customize it to match the brand of your site with CSS.

It's important to ensure fundraising remains a natural course for nonprofit supporters to prevent shopping cart abandonment.

That's why Double the Donation also integrates with top fundraising software. For instance, Double the Donation's integration with Salsa allows nonprofits to include the database search tool directly on their customized donation page by Salsa Engage. 

Check out Double the Donation's matching gift fundraising software.

Why Double the Donation Stands Out

How many different ways are there to type the same company's name? Many people don't know whether or not their company is an LLC. What if one person capitalizes the name and another person doesn't?

Double the Donation anticipated this potential issue. They built in an auto-complete element to their tool.

As a supporter starts typing the name of their employing company in the search tool, if the company has a program, the tool will auto-complete the spelling of the employer. This helps ensure the supporter gets the most accurate information possible with no mishaps.

Bonfire is the best fundraising software for merchandise sales.

4. Bonfire

Overview of Bonfire

Bonfire is a merchandise fundraising platform used by nonprofits everywhere to raise money while promoting the organization's brand.

With Bonfire, you can sell t-shirts to supporters to support your next project, raise money at an event, or fund your annual campaign.

Bonfire’s Fundraising Software Features

Bonfire offers incredibly flexible options for t-shirt customization, campaign goals, selling options, and more.

You can design your t-shirt fundraising campaign with Bonfire to support your nonprofit's exact needs. Some of these customizable features include:

  • Custom t-shirts. One of the key benefits of Bonfire is that your nonprofit can create highly customized t-shirts. You can choose the style shirt from their extensive catalog, then design or upload artwork to feature on the tee.
  • Online and bulk orders. Various ordering opportunities make it easy for organizations to get t-shirts for any occasion. Whether you need to bulk order for next event or order online for a campaign, Bonfire has got your back.
  • Pay to order. When you do sell online, there are no minimums that you must reach in order to get your t-shirts. Simply pay for the number of orders your organization needs.

Bonfire's t-shirt sale structure acknowledges that every organization is different. This means that every organization will have different needs. By ensuring every step along the way is customized, you can be sure to get exactly what you need.

Check out Bonfire's fundraising software.

Why Bonfire Stands Out

Not only do you have the option to bulk or online order, but with Bonfire, your nonprofit can create a specific t-shirt crowdfunding campaign to entice your supporters.

Create effective and beautiful campaign pages that are effective on desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Your nonprofit can download the list of supporters who give to your campaign. Plus, nonprofits who use Bonfire get a special reduction in their donation processing fee.

Digital Fundraising Checklist

Donate Kindly is the best fundraising software for online fundraising pages.

5. Donate Kindly

Overview of Donate Kindly

Donate Kindly is an online donation platform for nonprofits. It's become a standard practice to include an online donation opportunity on your nonprofit's website. Donate Kindly makes this process easy!

With attractive and easy-to-use buttons and customizable forms, it's easy to lead supporters to give on your site and complete the donation in one fell swoop.

Donate Kindly’s Fundraising Software Features

Donate Kindly is a fundraising software solution that offers all of the features your nonprofit needs to succeed in your general online fundraising. Three of the majorly important ones include:

  • Website embedding. When donors are redirected to an offsite page to give to your nonprofit, many of them will abandon the donation right away. Instead, embed a donation form directly on your website by adding a few lines of simple code from Donate Kindly.
  • Analyze donor data. Donate Kindly tracks all of your donor data in a single location, making it easy for your organization to collect and analyze. Plus, the single storage location makes it easy to transfer important fundraising data to your organization's CRM.
  • Top-notch security. With industry-leading security and encryption built into the Donate Kindly donation process, your nonprofit can rest assured that your donors' information is safe and sound.

While these three fundraising software features are key to the success of your nonprofit's annual campaign and digital strategy, there's one more feature that truly stands out.

Check out Donate Kindly's free fundraising software solution for nonprofits.

Why Donate Kindly Stands Out

Unlike so many other platforms that require fees and hidden costs around every corner, Donate Kindly is free.

With a 0% platform fee and a minuscule 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee, Donate Kindly truly stands above the rest in terms of pricing.

Between the security, price, and easy-to-use features, Donate Kindly takes the cake when it comes to using simple donation forms.

Snowball is the best mobile giving fundraising software.

6. Snowball Fundraising

Overview of Snowball Fundraising

Snowball Fundraising is our top fundraising software solution for mobile giving.

Donors rarely go anywhere without their cell phones. Smartphones make it easy to access the internet from anywhere, making it simple to give online from anywhere.

However, this only works effectively if your tech is built to work effectively on smartphones.

Snowball’s Fundraising Software Features

With Snowball Fundraising, your nonprofit can focus your mobile giving strategy to encompass both online donation pages and text-to-give. Consider the differences in these two features:

  • Text-to-give prompts donors to text a specific number, then follow the link sent to them in return to an encrypted email. They can then get started entering their credit card information to complete the donation.
  • Mobile-responsive donation pages are customized with your organization's text, fonts, colors, and images. This is the standard page your nonprofit uses on its website, but adjusted to look great both on a smartphone and on a computer.

Mobile fundraising is becoming more and more important in the ever-evolving technical nature of this world.

Check out Snowball's mobile fundraising software for nonprofits.

Why Snowball Stands Out

When you use Snowball Fundraising, your nonprofit can include fundraising thermometers on donation pages as an additional gamification technique.

Adding a fundraising thermometer to your nonprofit's campaign will track your progress towards your goal, excite donors to give, and increase donations.

Vision2's fundraising software makes it easy to collect tithes from church members.

7. Vision2

Overview of Vision2

Vision2 is an especially effective fundraising software solution built specifically for churches and other faith-based organizations.

Vision2 supports faith-based organizations collecting money through traditional offering plates in addition to new-age online collection methods.

Vision2’s Fundraising Software Features

Vision2's comprehensive fundraising software has features to help your organization engage with supporters, collect generous donations, and analyze the successes of your fundraising.

Some of the features that make all of these things possible include:

  • Online giving. Don't limit your supporters to only donating on Sunday. Make it easy for donors to give from their homes with online giving forms. Plus, Vision2's forms are mobile-responsive, so your supporters can give from anywhere on their smartphones!
  • Text-to-give. When you pass an offering plate around the congregation, it's likely that you have some members who have forgotten their wallets or checkbooks for the day. Text-to-give appeals to these supporters by providing a new way to give (it's unlikely they've forgotten their phones).
  • Envelope scanning and cash. No matter how many new tech opportunities you provide, some of your congregation members will undoubtedly still prefer traditional giving. That's why Vision2 also offers envelope scanning and cash collection. You can analyze these gifts along with the rest.
  • Recurring gifts. Make it easy for donors to give each week or month without having to think about it. Recurring gifts automatically charge the donor who signs up each week, month, or other desired frequencies.

The various opportunities for collection make Vision2 the perfect platform to appeal to your congregation's youngest, tech-savvy Millennials and your more traditional, old-school generations at the same time.

Check out Vision2's fundraising software for your church.

Why Vision2 Stands Out

Vision2 helps church congregation members take control of their giving with a self-serve portal. This gives your members the chance to update their profiles and giving status on their own.

They can easily update changes in address, adjust personal information, set up recurring gifts, and more to keep your church in the know!

360MatchPro is a completely automated matching gift fundraising software solution.

8. 360MatchPro

Overview of 360MatchPro

360MatchPro by Double the Donation is a completely automated matching gift solution. This software is designed to help nonprofits identify matching gift opportunities and reach out to eligible donors in one fell swoop.

With 360MatchPro, your nonprofit can start seeing (and measuring!) the impact that matching gifts have on your fundraising strategy.

360MatchPro’s Fundraising Software Features

360MatchPro allows your organization to learn matching gift information as soon as your donors give. The notable features of 360MatchPro include:

  • Email domain identification. 360MatchPro uses the email domains from which donors submit their gift to automatically check their eligibility for a matched gift. To do this, they run the domain name through Double the Donation's complete matching gift database.
  • Email automation. As soon as you've identified the eligible supporters, you can automate emails to go out and inform these donors of the opportunity to match their gift.
  • Import bulk CSV files. Analyze your complete donor match information with downloadable CSV files directly from 360MatchPro. You can watch your donation amounts grow and identify actionable next steps through the analysis of these files.

With these incredible features, your nonprofit can watch your fundraising successes skyrocket by maximizing your use of matching gifts.

Check out 360MatchPro's fully automated matching gift fundraising software solution.

Why 360MatchPro Stands Out

Embed 360MatchPro's matching gift widget to your existing donation forms to maintain the natural appearance of your forms.

This matching gift widget will help capture the important matching gift information information you need from supporters at the time of their donation.

Morweb is a top fundraising software solution for website creation.

9. Morweb

Overview of Morweb

Morweb's CMS software is designed to be a fundraising homebase specifically appealing to nonprofit organizations.

Many nonprofits don't have the technical knowledge they need to build an effective website and donation page on said website.

That's why Morweb designed their software to require very little coding knowledge in order to establish an effective fundraising strategy.

Morweb’s Fundraising Software Features

Morweb's fundraising software allows nonprofits to create their website using tools and features such as:

  • Live editing. Edit pages from the live site so that as you make changes, you can see exactly the outcome your supporters will see when they visit the site. This will help you create effective leads directing donors to the proper giving information.
  • Donation pages. Add donation pages directly to your website. Instead of directing donors off site to give, allow them to stay on your domain through the addition of Morweb-specific pages or those built through an integration partner.
  • Blogging. Start a blog to keep your supporters informed of the various opportunities offered by your organization. This engaging platform can be used to communicate upcoming fundraising campaigns.

Any and all of these blog pages and other pages on your site can benefit from the SEO optimization tools offered by Morweb as well. This will help your organization be found by search engines to connect your mission to those exploring your target keywords.

Check out Morweb's fundraising software platform today.

Why Morweb Stands Out

Morweb offers built-in lead capture forms that your nonprofit can include on your website. These forms help your organization gather valuable information to grow your email lists.

As these email lists grow, you'll garner more and more supporters and more and more donations.

With the right fundraising software, your nonprofit will be set up for success when it comes to your fundraising strategy.

These top fundraising software solutions are a great place to start your research. But don't stop here! Dive deeper to find more information about the software solution functionality, to learn how the solutions will fit into your budget, and how it will enhance your nonprofit's specific needs.

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