Best Fundraising Software: 17 Popular Platforms for 2022

Craig Grella
December 13, 2021

Whether your organization is large or small, there is a fundraising software package that can help you communicate with and process donations from all your existing donors and future supporters.


In this article, we’ll introduce you to 17 nonprofit fundraising tools, explain why we like them, tell you how much they’re likely to cost, and what they can do to boost your donations and help you keep your donor contact records organized.

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Fundraising Software FAQs

What is Fundraising Software?

Fundraising software is any application used by nonprofits to accept and manage donations. The best fundraising software is one that helps to boost your donations, fosters a positive user experience for your donors and potential donors, and provides a way for you to manage interactions with those donors in an ongoing capacity.

Many fundraising software packages also double as marketing automation systems which allow you to segment donors into groups, send email and social media messages, and even to communicate via text / SMS messaging.

Complete supporter engagement systems can also include tools to manage advocacy campaigns, peer-to-peer events, and other activities like crowdfunding, nonprofit auctions, and online events and meetings.

Who Uses Fundraising Software?

Fundraising software is used by nonprofit organizations of every size and in every industry, from social services and health-based organizations to issue advocacy groups, civil rights, and everything in between.

Within these organizations, a single fundraising system can be used across several departments and by multiple staff members. Typically, the development team takes ownership of the fundraising system, with the development director or major gifts officer creating and implementing the overall strategy. In larger nonprofits, the marketing team will also use the fundraising software to communicate with prospective donors and the executive team will use it to pull analytics and run reports for the board of directors.

What Are the Different Kinds of Fundraising Software?

There are many kinds of fundraising software and each one is typically designed to perform a specific function or solve a specific problem that most nonprofits face. Some systems do multiple things well, and a few can handle everything a nonprofit might need. Keep in mind, the more complex a fundraising package gets, the more training your staff will need to operate the system and use it to its fullest.

The most common types of fundraising software include the following:

  • Online Donation Software and Payment Processors – this is any software that allows you to create forms that can be placed on your website or other locations and which allow you to accept payments virtually.
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising – This specialized fundraising software allows your supporters to create fundraising campaigns for the benefit of your organization that they share with their own networks, allowing you to reach more potential donors than your fundraising list might otherwise allow. This type of software is great for boosting your revenue and growing your email list!
  • Mobile and Text-to-Give Software - Giving through mobile devices is on the rise and the number of SMS donations continues to increase too. Some fundraising software tools give you the ability to send targeted text messages and to accept donations through mobile apps or mobile responsive fundraising pages that look great and work well on mobile phones.
  • Giving Day Fundraising – this is software made specifically to handle larger volume transactions in a single day of giving, like Giving Tuesday, walk-a-thons, and other special days. They typically include some type of event component, with registration and donation capabilities. They sometimes include online stores and retail-like shopping experiences – all in support of the nonprofit fundraising campaign.
  • Fundraising CRM – this is a more complex system that not only processes online donations but also allows you to run reports, track donors longitudinally across many years, and to organization contact information and multiple interactions with donors. Some fundraising CRMs also allow you to create and send direct mail, thank you letters to donors, to segment your contacts into meaningful lists, to send email messages, and more.
  • Fundraising Auction Software – helps your organization run nonprofit auction events, where donated items are put up for auction to the highest bidder. This type of software helps you keep track of bids, facilitates bid increments, can help you automatically choose the winning bidder, and can process payments virtually or in person at the actual auction event.
  • Social Media Fundraising Software – this is fundraising software that is typically implemented through the individual social network, or which is run as an add-on to the network software. It usually allows you to create online fundraisers and to share those events with your fans and followers. It also includes a direct link or donation button where your supporters can donate inside their social network stream, which then gets processed online and sent directly to your nonprofit bank account.

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What Features Should You Look for in Fundraising Software?

While the exact list of features you need will be specific to your organization, there are certain features that you should look for in the best fundraising software.

Visual form designer: One of the primary uses of fundraising software is the creation and management of fundraising forms. Form design tools vary greatly in their ease-of-use and the level of customization that they allow. Make sure the software you select has donations forms that look just as good on mobile devices as they do on desktops.

Email automation: Many fundraising applications provide varying degrees of marketing automation features. Depending on your organization's needs, be sure to evaluate email design features, the ease of drag and drop builders, automated email workflows and triggers, and email performance tracking.

Campaign tracking: Evaluate campaign tracking features by looking at the reports and visual graphs that are available for specific campaigns and overall fundraising. Make sure the system you choose offers dashboards that can report on the key performance indicators that are important to your nonprofit.

Integrations: Some fundraising systems are designed to integrate with external applications and some are not. If your organization uses a CRM system, accounting system, or another piece of software that is important to your operations - be sure to consider how those applications will work with the fundraising systems you are evaluating. You might have special needs when it comes to accounting, tax considerations, connection requirements with external databases, or even the need to keep your data secure for health or legal purposes.

How Much Does Fundraising Software Cost?

There is no single answer to this question and no single number that exists across the entire industry of fundraising software. There are ranges of costs that depend mostly on the features offered in the software and the value it delivers for your organization. Some fundraising software systems charge by the month, while others require an annual license.

It’s important to note that some enterprise systems allow you to run your entire operation on their software, from marketing and outreach to donation processing, reporting, and even accounting. These are not the types of systems you blindly try for a few days or a few weeks. They take additional staff training, commitments of several months to several years, and sometimes a reorganization of how you work or how you approach your entire fundraising strategy. However, when used properly, these enterprise systems can be amazingly effective at raising your overall revenue and helping you create consistent growth and increased engagement among your followers.

In the space that follows, we will introduce you to a few of the best fundraising tools in existence, and, when possible, tell you what to expect in terms of a cost range for that software.

So without further ado, here is the list of the 17 best nonprofit fundraising software packages we recommend for your organization.


Salsa Engage is the best fundraising software for any organization that wants to raise more.

1. Salsa Engage | Best Fundraising Software for All Nonprofits

Fundraising Software Overview

Sure, we’re a bit biased here, but for a good reason — Salsa Engage is comprehensive fundraising software that provides nonprofits with a full platform to manage all their supporter engagement. Salsa Engage has everything you need to plan and implement a successful fundraising campaign, including rich donor profiles, wealth screening tools, donation processing, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, email marketing automation, and tools for advocacy campaigns. Salsa Engage helps nonprofits raise funds, engage with supporters, and advance their mission!

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

Here are the Salsa Engage features that our users love:

  • Easy to use visual design tools for creating beautiful, customized forms and emails.
  • Advanced queries and reports configurable to meet your specific needs.
  • Single platform for managing all supporter engagement - including P2P events and advocacy campaigns.
  • Advanced marketing automation tools for managing automated emails, social posts, and more.

Why Salsa Engage Stands Out

Salsa Engage lets your nonprofit engage donors with a multi-channel approach and track the efficacy of each type of outreach, campaign, and event. Monitoring and optimizing your key performance indicators leads to increased fundraising and engagement across all channels.

Salsa Engage fundraising dashboards and customizable reports provide your nonprofit with a clear and concise understanding of the status and success of each campaign. They help your team identify exactly what is working and what is not, allowing you to quickly pivot when needed. Smart ask features and predictive analytics help you make smarter appeals and ensure that you don’t ask a potential donor for $25 when they are likely to give $250.

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

Pricing is determined by the package you choose and the length of the contract. For more information about pricing, get a live demo of the fundraising software.


Salsa CRM is fundraising software that empowers nonprofits to improve donor management

2. Salsa CRM | Best Fundraising Software for Rich Donor Profiles

Fundraising Software Overview

Salsa CRM is complete donor management software for nonprofit organizations. Salsa CRM tracks all information about your supporters and provides reporting on supporter activity and donor history. It works hand-in-hand with Salsa Engage, and gives you a 360 degree view of your donors, events, and fundraising metrics.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

  • Salsa CRM makes it easy to see who your supporters are, where they are, and how they’ve engaged with your organization with features like:
  • Rich Donor Profiles with user-defined fields - Salsa CRM donor profiles include demographic information, family relationships, donation history and more. Add an unlimited number of user-defined fields to track specific information important to your organization.
  • Sophisticated constituent dashboards and reports - Customizable constituent dashboards give your staff easy-to-read views of constituent information, history, and notes.
  • Next Suggested Gift amounts - Utilize Salsa's next suggested gift amount to tailor ask amounts (including dynamic ask strings).
  • Direct mail support - Salsa CRM provides tools to manage direct mail campaigns, including label printing and bar code management.
  • Major gift cultivation - Use Salsa CRM to identify potential major donors and manage them through a defined cultivation process.

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

Like Salsa Engage, Salsa CRM pricing is dependent on the package chosen and the length of contract. Get more information on the Salsa CRM pricing page.


EveryAction is the best fundraising software for any organization that wants to scale up.

3. EveryAction | Best Fundraising Software for Scaling Up Your Nonprofit

Fundraising Software Overview

For nonprofits that are growing and scaling up, EveryAction is the best fundraising software on the market because it allows you to engage more supporters, across more channels, with more programs... and doesn’t require more work. Our powerful unified solution is purpose-built, empowering you to work smarter, not harder, by making it simple to optimize and personalize communication across all channels. The result? More money for advancing your mission and doing good in the world.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

EveryAction provides an innovative engagement platform, offering all your departments (Digital, Development, and Program/Volunteer, Management, etc) best-in-class features, with an easy-to-use modern user interface. Also, the unified CRM gives you visibility into the full supporter record, all engagement activities, every online donation, every email click, all the volunteer participation, and even the checks they handed to you in-person at the recent gala!

EvaryAction’s fundraising software also provides incredible network effects with access to its 11-million-member donor database of FastAction profiles where donors can store their credit cards for auto-filling contact information on donation forms (enabling higher conversion rates).

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

Like Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM, EveryAction pricing is dependent on the package chosen, the length of contract, and the number of contacts in the system. For more information about this nonprofit software pricing, visit the EveryAction pricing page.

Also, don't forget to check out EveryAction's incredible blog post summarizing Giving Tuesday activities for 2021, and their recommendations for fundraising in 2022.


GiveGab is the Best Fundraising Software for Dedicated Giving Days

4. Give Gab | Best Fundraising Software for Dedicated Giving Days

Fundraising Software Overview

GiveGab, also part of the EveryAction family, offers the number one digital solution for giving days like Giving Tuesday. GiveGab’s software empowers fundraising professionals to host giving-day fundraising events that are easy and effective.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

GiveGab is a user-friendly nonprofit fundraising tool which gives you access to features like:

  • Giving Days - Run a 24-hour (or longer) digital fundraising event with features like live Giving Day statistics, a flexible landing page builder, integrated search engine optimization, social media integrations, and custom logo design & downloadable marketing materials.
  • Community Giving - Be the philanthropic leader for your community with features like dedicated project management from GiveGab, donor matches and challenges, site-wide matching, database for donor-advised fund distribution, donor insight and analysis tools, and a customizable interface for campaigns.
  • Crowdfunding - Unite your school or nonprofit’s community with tools to promote key initiatives and events year-round; connect with stakeholders and amplify their engagement; and analyze data and gather insights.

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

The GiveGab platform supports Giving Days and fundraisers of all sizes, varying from single organizations, large University systems, and everything in between. Their team will work with you to create a custom package to meet your community's specific needs. Find out more on GiveGab’s pricing page.


Mobilize is the Best Fundraising Software for Volunteer Events

5. Mobilize | Best Fundraising Software for Volunteer Events

Fundraising Software Overview

Mobilize, a late 2020 addition to the EveryAction family, helps nonprofits, campaigns, and other mission-driven organizations to create and manage events and recruit volunteers to those events.

Organizations that have used Mobilize to power their actions have seen a 30 percent increase in attendees from online signups, 5-10 hours saved weekly per staff member, over 40 percent more shifts from the Mobilize network, and more donations from engaged supporters.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

One of the most powerful features of this nonprofit fundraising software is its ability to help force multiply your efforts by tapping into the networks of your existing volunteers. The Mobilize software allows your volunteers to create their own events in support of your organization and to share those events with their friends and family, expanding your outreach to groups with which you may not have had previous contact. This is distributed organizing at its best.

As its name suggests, Mobilize makes mobilizing your supporters easier with features like:

  • Single-shift events
  • Recurring and multiple-shift events
  • Virtual events
  • In-person events
  • Automated email and text messages to supporters who sign up
  • Post-event feedback survey via e-mail and text
  • Straightforward approval processes and permission levels
  • Optimized peer-to-peer recruitment features
  • Cross-promotion between your partners
  • Inclusion in the feed

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

For more information about Mobilize pricing, you can get started on their platform with a limited free starter account.

Learn how to communicate ahead of your next planned event with our 6-week Communication Roadmap for Nonprofit Events.


Apricot is the Best Fundraising Software for Social Services Nonprofits and Closed Loop Referrals

6. Apricot | Best Software for Social Services Nonprofits

Software Overview

Apricot 360 is a best-in-class case management software package that handles your cases, projects, and programs with ease. It allows your organization to get a comprehensive view of the care it provides to constituents, incorporates your outcome goals and metrics, and helps you grow your impact in your community.

If you’re a social service organization providing case management, Apricot is the software for you!

Key Features of This Software

More than 3,000 social services organizations use this software to handle cases and manage participants with features like:

  • Collects assessment data and progress toward goals
  • Track constituent appointments and relevant notes
  • Dashboards provide insights toward metrics, prebuilt and customizable reports
  • Unlimited workflows that get your team on the same page with consistent workflows
  • Intake forms that empower participants to enter their own data and apply for services they need when they need them – right in the tool
  • Schedule appointments and video conferences with clients and constituents directly from the software
  • Closed-loop referral system allows community-based organizations to search for partners, make referrals, and collaborate with local professionals to provide better care and get better outcomes

Apricot Software Pricing

Apricot offers several packages to fit the needs of every organization, no matter their size or location or the number of constituents they serve. Get more information on their page about Apricot Packages.


Cybergrants is the Best Fundraising Software for Foundation Grant Management

7. Cybergrants | Best Software for Foundation Grant Management

Software Overview

CyberGrants, who recently joined forces with EveryAction, provides the best nonprofit software for corporate giving and philanthropy. With CyberGrants’ proven workflow engine their software provides a unified platform for all your giving programs, which allows your organization to respond more quickly to new and emerging needs. The CyberGrants platform puts resources into the hands of nonprofits faster, and gives companies the tools to efficiently fund causes that deserve support.

Key Features of This Software

CyberGrants helps to create efficiencies for you and the NPOs you support by cutting overhead and freeing up more of your money to go to the causes that you champion.

It supports grants management, employee giving, and employee volunteering, and is used by some of the world’s most generous organizations because of features like:

  • Expedite grant approvals with a streamlined process for grant seekers
  • Expedite payments through a choice of disbursements options
  • Deliver role-based access and provide executive dashboards
  • Track grant allocations against your budget line items to ensure expenditure expectations are within set limitations.
  • Ensure compliance and mitigate risk
  • Protect your organization with automated grantee checking against watchlists and tax- status databases, both U.S.-based and international.
  • Manage multiple languages & currencies

Cybergrants Software Pricing

The CyberGrants pricing model is a combination of one-time implementation costs (based on the complexity of your needs and program components) and ongoing licensing fees (dependent upon the number and types of users). For more information, visit the Cybergrants website.


Double the Donation is the Best Fundraising Software for Matching Gifts

8. Double the Donation | Best Fundraising Software for Matching Gifts

Fundraising Software Overview

Double the Donation is the leading matching gifts database, with more than 8,500 organizations using it. Its comprehensive database gives you access to thousands of profiles that can help you connect with companies that offer corporate giving programs, and it integrates with Salsa.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

Because corporate giving program details are constantly changing, Double the Donation updates its database regularly to include new companies with matching gift programs and new companies with volunteer grant programs. This makes it a top donor software for nonprofits, as you’ll always have the information you need.

Some of the great features Double the Donation offers include:

  • Matching gift forms. Get access to the matching gift forms donors will need in order to submit their match requests to their employers.
  • Automated tools and updates. Automated tools will discover new programs and monitor existing programs if they change.
  • Embedding capabilities. With Double the Donation’s Premium Plan, you can embed their matching gift plugin on your donation page and throughout your fundraising channels to maximize your matched donations.

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

Double the Donation’s fundraising software is based, in part, on the number of transactions and matches you’ll complete in the year. More information can be found on their pricing page.


PayPal is the Best Fundraising Software for Small Nonprofits Using Donation Buttons

9. PayPal | Best Fundraising Software for Small Nonprofits Using Donation Buttons

Fundraising Software Overview

For those smaller nonprofits just getting started, or those planning expansions of their first websites, sometimes offering a simple PayPal donation button can get you through the transition period to a more robust nonprofit CRM and fundraising software solution.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

PayPal offers a quick and secure option for online giving and a touch-free option for events with QR codes. They’ve also been a trusted nonprofit credit card processor, offering discounted processing to the nonprofit industry for many years.

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

The fee for donations in the U.S. is 2.98% of the donation when you use the PayPal Donate button, plus $0.49 per transaction. Other fees apply when you use their mobile platform and when you’re selling merchandise, for example. More information can be found on their fees page.


Donor Search is the Best Fundraising Software for Wealth Screening

10. Donor Search | Best Fundraising Software for Wealth Screening

Fundraising Software Overview

DonorSearch provides a software solution that enhances the fundraising strategy for nonprofits everywhere by providing wealth screening options and profiles for donor prospect research.

Nonprofits can use these tools to better understand their donors' financial and philanthropic backgrounds by searching for information about an individual's past donations, stock transactions, and other key indicators.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

DonorSearch's extensive database can be used to find information about:

  • Wealth indicators which show the ability to give and provide insight as to how much to ask for.
  • Philanthropic indicators which show their willingness to give to other organizations and their historic interactions with various causes.
  • Affiliations with other nonprofits.
  • More than 300 different categories to filter potential supporters
  • DonorSearch integrates with other top fundraising software like Salsa and makes your nonprofit better equipped to handle your major giving, capital, and other large campaigns.

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

There are several factors that go into pricing its software, and you can find more information on the DonorSearch website.


Quickbooks is Best Accounting Software for Nonprofit Fundraising

11. Quickbooks Online | Best Accounting Software for Nonprofit Fundraising

Fundraising Software Overview

QuickBooks has been the industry-standard accounting software package for decades, but it’s also a very good piece of software for tracking your nonprofit donations too!

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

Quickbooks offers an online solution and a desktop package for PCs and Macs, giving you the ability to

  • Automate program and fund accounting
  • Track donations
  • Send invoices for program and service fees
  • Handle your nonprofit bookkeeping and the payment of all your vendors
  • Categorize revenue by fund, campaign, or program
  • Easily set up and permission management for organizations using volunteers to help with bookkeeping
  • Setup Nonprofit-specific account terminology like "donor" instead of "customer"
  • Quickbooks also offers reporting features to deliver key business metrics and reports to your stakeholders and board of directors.

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

Quickbooks plans start at $40 per month and go up from there depending on the feature set requsired, type of credit card processing, and the number of employees that need to access the system. Get more information about their pricing model on the Quickbooks pricing page.

If you're looking for the best metrics to track within your organization and ways to report on them, check out our blog post on 26 nonprofit key performance indicators and download our free worsheet that helps you calculate your own nonprofit KPIs.


Best Fundraising Software for Integrating Nonprofit APIs

12. Zapier | Best Software for Integrating Nonprofit Fundraising APIs

Zapier Software Overview

If you’ve got two applications you need to send data between, Zapier is the app for you. Zapier connects applications through workflows, called "Zaps." By automating repetitive tasks, Zapier allows you to focus on more important work.

For those using nonprofit CRM’s that don’t speak with credit card processing or reporting, Zapier can be helpful, sending contact data from donations back to your CRM and vice versa. It can also help you move data between forms and other applications, making sure you don’t lose critical contact records for your organization.

Key Features of This Software

Zapier allows you to connect many of your tools with ease, and without needing to code API’s. Their feature set includes:

  • Pre-built workflows for thousands of applications
  • Bi-directional data integrations
  • Tools for customizing unique integrations

Zapier Software Pricing

Zapier plans are dependent on the number of connected apps you have and the number of Zaps you need per month. They also offer significant discounts for nonprofit companies. Check their full pricing at the website.


Handbid is Best Fundraising Software for Nonprofit Auctions

13. Handbid | Best Fundraising Software for Nonprofit Auctions

Fundraising Software Overview

Handbid is a mobile app and auction management platform designed to make auctions more fun, accessible, profitable, and easy to manage. For years, nonprofits running auctions at galas and other events were forced to do auction processes in a manual way. With Handbid, you can automate much of the auction process, allowing your team to focus on what matters most.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

Handbid's Fundraising Software offers an easy-to-use mobile bidding app with features like:
  • Support for in-person/live bidding
  • Online, web-based, bidding for those who don't want to use the mobile app
  • Live video streaming to bidders
  • Real-time auction management from anywhere, including setting up auctions, managing guests, creating tickets, generating invoices, viewing auction stats, and more.
  • Live broadcast of auction stats and messages via Handbid TV

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

Handbid pricing starts at around $60 per month and goes up depending on the number of auctions and campaigns you manage in the system and additional advanced features used. More information can be found on Handbid’s pricing page.


Shopraise is the Best Fundraising Software for Nonprofit Swag

14. Shopraise | Best Fundraising Software for Nonprofit Swag

Fundraising Software Overview

ShopRaise works with charitable organizations to provide supporters a simple way to shop and benefit their favorite cause. With thousands of participating retailers, it’s easy to shop and generate funding for your cause.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

The ShopRaise fundraising software provides features like:

  • Time tracking and automated reminders for volunteers - easy-to-use in-app feature
  • Automated volunteer check-in - saving you time at every event
  • Micro donations - turn volunteers into donors!
  • Simple dashboards - allowing you to easily see volunteer activity
  • Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

ShopRaise is provided at no cost to charities and supporters. Retailers pay them a small fee to send traffic to their stores. Go ahead and check them out on the ShopRaise website.


Canva is the Best Software for Designing Fundraising Graphics

15. Canva | Best Software for Designing Fundraising Graphics

Fundraising Software Overview

Canva is a simple-to-use graphic design tool. Canva’s drag-and-drop features and professional layouts can be used by those without any design experience to create professional-looking graphics for everything from email headers to social posts, stationary, print collateral, online ads, and more.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

If you need a graphic for any program, service, or online campaign, Canva can get it done for you. Some of the great features Canva offers nonprofits include:

  • Drag-and-drop design tools so that those with little to no design experience can create great-looking graphics.
  • Logo builder
  • Social media templates to build perfectly sized graphics for every social platform
  • Infographic templates to help you share your data and your story
  • Do-it-yourself graphics and templates
  • Print & save to almost any graphics format

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

Canva provides their professional version free to nonprofit organizations. More info on the website.

Also, if you’d like some quick tips on how to incorporate Canva graphics into your nonprofit marketing, check out the replay of our webinar: Quick Design Tips for Nonprofits.


Best Social Media Fundraising Software

16. Facebook | Best Social Media Fundraising Software

Fundraising Software Overview

Facebook doesn’t need much of an introduction at this point, but it is worth noting that many nonprofits raise a significant amount of money through the platform, especially toward the end-of-year. Through its relationship with Network for Good, Facebook helps nonprofits raise money in several areas of the social network with donate buttons on pages, channels, and in live streams.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

Facebook is a place your nonprofit should be to grow your social presence and to reach new potential supporters and donors. As a nonprofit on Facebook, you'll gain access to features like:

  • Access to a massive number of people globally
  • Cause pages with links to your website
  • Ability to search for and interact with people who support other similar nonprofits

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

Facebook is a free social network. All you need to give Facebook is your email or cell phone number and you can join via the web or mobile app.

If you're looking to run ads for the first time on social networks like Facebook, check out our webinar with Media Cause showing you how to budget for and manage your nonprofit ads online.


Zoom is the Best Online Meetings Software for Nonprofit Fundraisers

17. Zoom | Best Online Meetings Software for Nonprofit Fundraisers

Fundraising Software Overview

While there are many good online meeting platforms, Zoom has quickly become one of the most ubiquitous. Zoom's free version limits your meeting time to 45 minutes, but their pro plans are affordable for most organizations and offer nearly unlimited meeting minutes.

You might be wondering how you can use Zoom to fundraise...just check out our case study with the Delaware Humane Association who raised almost a quarter million dollars using Zoom to promote their Indoguration event in 2021.

Key Features of This Fundraising Software

Zoom offers audio and video conferencing features for nonprofits of every size including:

  • Online meetings
  • Video conferences and webinars
  • Virtual conference rooms and collaboration features
  • Chat features
  • Breakout rooms
  • HD Video and Audio
  • Livestream meetings to Social Media like Facebook and YouTube channels

Nonprofit Fundraising Software Pricing

Zoom also offers a plan for webinars for nonprofits which works well for holding seminars, courses, and training. Their pro plans start around $15 per month and go up based on feature sets, the number of concurrent audience members, and other features like webinars and zoom rooms. You can find more information on the Zoom pricing and plan comparison page.


As you can see, there are nonprofit fundraising software packages and platforms for every size organization and just about every function you need to perform. Using the tips learned in this article, you can match the needs of your organization with the best nonprofit fundraising software to meet your needs.

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If you'd like to explore additional information about nonprofit fundraising, you can visit the resources: 

  • The Best Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits: Learn 26 strategies to help you raise more money this year and every year after.
  • Guide to Nonprofit CRMs: Check out our guide to fundraising CRMs and learn how you can use donor data and Salsa CRM to help you screen potential new donors.
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