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4 Salsa Website Management Tools You Should Know About

Salsa Website Management ToolsLooking for new ways to creatively grow your list, manage your supporters experience, and personalize your pages? Look no further than Salsa’s website management tab.

Whether you’re ready to dabble in some custom form development or show your followers that you appreciate their involvement, Salsa’s website management features will help you extend and refine your online presence.

Here are just four features that we think you should know about:

1. Easily Manage Any Kind of Opt-Out with Custom Unsubscribe Pages

When you get into the business of managing your supporter subscriptions, the first thing to learn is that not all unsubscribes are the same. For example, if someone decides that they no longer want to receive your enewsletter, does that also mean that they want to opt-out of your year-end fundraiser emails too? Or to put it another way, does it mean that you never send them anything again?

The answer is up to you. But Salsa is here to help. Once you’ve worked out what an “unsubscribe” means in different contexts for your nonprofit, you can use Salsa’s Custom Unsubscribe Pages to help you precisely manage the process. For instance:

  • You could create a single custom unsubscribe page that allows supporters to remove themselves from one specific email list, such as your newsletter.

  • Alternatively, a custom unsubscribe page could be used that shows the supporter all the email groups he/she could belong to, with the option of unsubscribing from multiple lists at once.

2. Grow a Quality List with Double Opt-In Signups

By default, Salsa signup pages require a new “signer-upper” to join your list with only a single-step opt-in. In this scenario, they fill in the form and get added to your list immediately.

However, you may want to consider adding a higher level of supporter permission to the process using a double opt-In signup. This process basically adds an extra step to signups by initiating one of those “are you sure you want to join this list?” emails.

Why would you do this? Adding a double-opt in ensures that whoever signs up really wants your email and is a motivated supporter (as we discuss here, this is a best practice for list growth).

Learn more about configuring your double opt-in signup page.

3. Personalize your Thank You Pages

Show your supporters that you appreciate their involvement using Salsa’s personalized thank you pages. In just two easy steps you can make your acknowledgement messages to supporters as personal as possible (e.g. “Thanks for your donation, Chelsea”) using Salsa’s merge fields.

Thank You Pages are a special type of Salsa content intended for use as a custom redirect from your other action and donation pages. Learn how to customize your thank you pages with merge fields.

4. Get Creative and Customize your Forms

Custom content pages give you the freedom to create any type of user-facing content beyond the boundaries of Salsa’s standard signup, donation, or action pages.

For example, if you want to add static content to flesh out your website, such as an “About Us” page, you’d use Salsa’s custom content pages. But that’s not all, you can also use them to add a landing page for a certain campaign and to provide a hub from which to link different Salsa actions under that umbrella.

You can also create customized versions of regular Salsa form pages - for instance, if you want to rearrange elements of a signup page or design your own donation page. It helps to have some HTML skills for this last option, but these steps to creating custom content items can help you get started.

(Note: This is actually just a shortcut way to make use of Salsa's robust data API. Advanced users can make use of the API to engineer entirely custom forms on non-Salsa pages.)

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That’s it! And remember, you can always connect with our support team if you have any questions.

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