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Grow Your List with Salsa's Social Sharing Features

shutter-sharingSocial media has long been a useful platform for getting to know your fans and spreading the word about your cause, but it isn’t always the easiest of places to get heard, raise funds, or drive actions.

Not any more! Salsa has several features that make it easier than ever to get to know more about your supporters by combining social insights with supporter history and email data.

Let’s take a look at what Salsa’s social tools have to offer:

Make More Friends through Social Media

Social sharing was the original way to extend the reach of your content across your supporters’ social networks. Salsa still makes it easy to do this using our Salsa Sharing feature.

Whether you’re looking to share your action, donation, event and signup pages across social networks, we help you easily customize the images, descriptions, and tags that should accompany your shared forms. It couldn’t be easier to become a part of a user’s social experience. And they’ll see you as one of their friends -- giving you an inside track to inspire them to action.

Individualize your Emails Based on Social Data

Imagine if you could use social data to get to know more about the people behind your email list! Salsa’s Social Lookup tool can help you do just that.

With Salsa Lookup, you can match email addresses to the respective social profiles of your supporters, giving you more insight on just how unique your supporter records are!


With this data, you can individualize emails to supporters within a certain age group. Spot your influencers with a query on Klout score, then message those supporters and see how they can help you reach more people online. The possibilities of more targeted communications are endless!

To get started, install Social Lookup on your account and you’ll see the new features right away. It takes up to 24 hours to do the initial data processing and then updates occur once a month after that.

The social data is matched according to a shared email address, so if your supporter is on your list with a Yahoo email, but they use their Gmail address for their social accounts, you won't see their social records.

Improve your Social Listening with Salsa’s Attentive.ly integration

Salsa’s integration with Attentive.ly allows you to find out what your supporters are saying in the social media space and send that information back to your supporter data in Salsa. It's good for social monitoring, checking out conversations, identifying influencers, and trying to engage supporters on certain topics.

How does it work?

Attentive.ly works by matching your organization’s supporter email list to public profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Through Attentive.ly, you can then analyze the public Tweets and Facebook posts of your supporters in your Salsa database. The interface shows you trending topics and lets you target social messages based on supporters’ interests and influencer-status.

To ensure privacy, only posts that are public are matched and monitored. Once individuals are matched, their public posts begin showing up on the Attentive.ly dashboard.

Learn more about what Attentive.ly can do for your nonprofit and view its features here.

Integrate Your Online Campaigns into Facebook

Comments, likes and shares are Facebook’s de facto tools for allowing your fans to interact and evangelize your posts and asks. But what if you could take this one step further and engage with your supporters on Facebook at a whole new level?

Well, Salsa partnered with ActionSprout an online campaigning, engagement and fundraising toolkit for Facebook to give Salsa users the functionality to easily integrate petitions and other options for spreading the word right through your fans newsfeeds.

Essentially, Salsa and ActionSprout work together so that you can run online campaigns on Facebook that spread virally through friend networks. The data captured is pushed back to Salsa, opening up a whole new canvas for creative online campaigning. For example, you can use ActionSprout to create one-click social actions like “Sign a Petition” that people can take right from Facebook.

Just set up an ActionSprout campaign, and you’ll have access to dozens of social action to engage users directly with their Facebook page.  

You can also easily incorporate forms that you’ve already created in Salsa, like petitions, for Facebook posting, driving action back to Salsa for data capture. The features can also be customized with additional calls to action, like encouraging your supporters to post the action to their wall, send an email or share on Twitter.

Additional Resources

For more tips on how to get more from social media and develop your social strategy, check out these best practice videos.

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