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Infographic: The Risk (and Rewards) of Sending Effective Emails

It’s scary, but when you think about it - the stakes for writing and sending effective nonprofit emails are just as high as any poker game.

You’re risking it all:

  • Your Time: The subject line has to be insanely intriguing and stated in 39 characters or less. It takes time to crank out quality work. That’s why some experts believe you should spend just as much time figuring out your subject line as you do composing the email itself!
  • Your Resources: Email is responsible for about one-third of a nonprofit’s online revenue. That’s a BIG deal! Treat it like one by investing in smart email strategies that maximize your impact. Why send email that no one wants to read?
  • Your Mission: If email is not read, then it can’t be acted upon. That’s right: No actions taken. No dollars donated. No relationships built. Nothing gained. Send contagious stories about real people’s lives that your supporters can relate to and you can’t go wrong. Watch this video from Salsa’s 2013 keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling author Jonah Berger sharing the secrets of creating contagious content.
  • Yup, Even Your Ego: Competition is fierce. Even perfectly good emails have to fight to NOT be labelled as junk, trash or spam. The key is relevance - and the mistake of many organizations is the belief that relevance is something you must prove. Instead, when it comes to email marketing, relevance is determined by the recipient. Use data wisely to segment your list and keep supporters fully engaged.

And now for the upside: Email has the highest rate of return on investment for any marketing channel - that’s $40 for every $1 spent (yay!)

So while it’s important to understand the risk, it’s even more important to work toward reaping the benefits of sending quality emails that deliver positive results.

Here’s a handy infographic that helps you put all these risks and rewards into perspective (and keep them there):

Why Email is Still a MUST for Nonprofit Fundraising

poker_risk_rewards_email144a_0EWG Case Study

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