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Simplify Year-End Fundraising: 4 Tips for Getting More from Salsa’s Donation Pages

4 Tips for Getting More from Salsa's Donation PagesEnd of year fundraising campaigns take a lot of work, but Salsa is here to take the pain out of planning some of the most important elements of your appeals. Our blogs and other resources, like this free ebook: The Essential Guide to Online Fundraising, can help ensure this year’s campaign is a success.

But what about the Salsa platform itself? Here are some lesser-known tips and tricks to help you make sure your donation pages are working for you this busy season.

1. Customize your Donation Page Gift Selections

By default, a basic Salsa donation page includes options for suggested gift amounts such as $10, $25, or $50. You can set this range using the Comma Delimited Amounts field under your donation page’s Amounts tab.

Customize your donation page gift selections in Salsa

However, if you prefer, you can override these amounts using the Custom Donation HTML field in your page’s Optional Text tab (this is the place where you can personalize and customize the content on your donation page). It does require some HTML smarts, which Salsa Support can help you with.

Some things to try with this option include changing the donation values. For example, based on your fundraising goals, you may want to add $30 or $75 dollars to the mix. You can also add graphics or text to your gift selections such as: “$10 helps one student for a month, $25 helps a family of four for a week”.

Try pasting in this to get started:

<p><input type="radio" class="radio" value="10" id="amount10" name="amount"><span class="dia_field_name">$10 helps one student</span></p> <p><input type="radio" class="radio" value="25" id="amount25" name="amount"><span class="dia_field_name">$25 helps a family of five</span></p> <p><input type="radio" class="radio" value="50" id="amount50" name="amount"><span class="dia_field_name">$50 helps an entire community</span></p>

2. Pinpoint Why a Donation Transaction Failed

When Salsa processes a donation via your chosen merchant processor, an automatic approval or rejection message is received back. If a rejection is received, you can view the reason for the failure on the RESPMSG field. If the gateway processor rejects the donation then the message will be prefixed by the phrase “Processor Message”. For example, “Processor Message: Invalid account number”. Remember, these messages come from your processor and are not generated by Salsa, so it’s a good idea to check with your gateway’s support materials for an index of potential rejection messages and how to interpret them.

3. Add Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to your Donation Options

If Payflow Pro is your merchant gateway processor Salsa can collect donations via EFT (other gateways don’t support EFT). Contact our support team to request installation of this package.

4. Add Fund Designation Codes to Donation Pages

If you take a look at your page’s Optional Text tab, you’ll find several fields that allow you to add custom content to your donation page, but that’s not all. These fields also accept HTML so you can customize them further. For example, you can add a menu that allows your donors to designate their gift to a particular project. Read more about adding a drop-down list of designation options to Salsa donation pages.

But wait, there’s more!

There’s lots more that you can do with donation pages in Salsa. Check out this guide for more tips and watch this training video for the lowdown on how to set-up a donation page in less than 30 minutes. Here are some related blogs that can help too:

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