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Supporter Nirvana for Smarter Nonprofits

Reach Supporter NirvanaSo you've read our workbook 10 Ways to Get Your Supporters to Take the Next Step (you have right?). Were you thinking, "I really loved when they talked about engaging new supporters along each step of their journey with our organization. I wish there was a quick way to reference this every time someone new joins us, so we can build relationships in the best way possible".

Well, today's your lucky day. We've created a handy graphic for you to be able to easily print and reference when you're trying to place that new supporter. This graphic provides you at-a-glance information to easily identify where new supporters fall within your organizations' journey and where to take them next.

Download the Supporter Nirvana for Smart Nonprofits Today

This is intended to be a companion piece to the workbook. Don't have the workbook? Click the "Download Now" below to learn how to keep getting supporters to take the next step!

Topics: Supporter Management Strategy