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Get Social! – How to Use Facebook to Engage with Supporters

by Amanda Foster, Account Manager & Libby Sinback, Account Manager

Facebook is one of the best platforms to grow your list, encourage existing supporters to become more engaged, spread the word about issues you are working on, and even raise money! 89% of non-profits have a Facebook account, so read the tips below to make sure yours stands out!

Here are some tips for moving beyond information-based Facebook posts, and injecting community-minded engagement into your Facebook strategy.

Decide How to Engage on Facebook

Think about whether your goals are best achieved by casting a wide net or if your member engagement is better achieved at small, local groups. In the latter case, use the Facebook event feature (which integrates seamlessly with the Salsa events tool) and other tools to help promote nearby activities.

Engage with your Supporters

First, speak conversationally. People log on to Facebook to hear fun updates, not read formal technical or business language.

Being social is about two-way communication so get to know your supporters by conversing with them. Some of the strongest Facebook communities are based on supportive relationships between supporters and the organization.

Read your supporters’ comments, chime in when you think you can add something, ask them questions to learn more, and take note of the type of content that engages them. If your organization covers multiple issues but Facebook supporters respond well to one particular issue, focus on that issue more than the others on that platform.

Post Compelling Content

Think of innovative ways to share important updates; instead of putting up all the minutes to the latest board meeting, update about an interesting statistic that you uncovered. Factoids, infographics, quotes, teasers, and pictures are a great way of delivering updates in an engaging and conversational way.

Make Your Community Human

Your Facebook supporters want to get to know you, so have a few posts that are outside of the normal update realm. For instance, if someone on your staff has a big birthday this week, post a photo of the cake. Also, share the content that your supporters have shared with you; if a supporter posted a picture from their latest fundraiser, share it with the entire community.

Fundraise Lightly

Generally, people log on to Facebook for a fun break; feel free to solicit sometimes, but definitely use Facebook as more than just a donations vehicle. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote campaigns or causes – just be sure to mix it up. And when asking for donations, link to information about what your local chapter is doing, and tie your cause-related posts to topical events.

Reply to Comments

Supporters will be excited to hear back from your organization. Are you responding to posts and questions on your Facebook pages? As many as 95% of posts on brand pages never receive a response! Whereas not all posts require an answer (opinion, rants, etc.), social media is a two-way street and gives your organization a human face, so respond where appropriate!

Don’t be Repetitive

Some restaurants, for instance, only post when they’ve got a “special of the day” to promote! Be careful of falling into this trap; keep content fresh, and diversify what you are saying.

Overall, Facebook is a fantastic tool to engage with supporters; as long as you have new and interesting things to say, you can watch your number of likes, and probably your list size increase consistently.

***Source: Brafton.com ***

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