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Salsa Blog

Get the Most Out of Support

by Jake Patoski, Training & Online Learning Manager

It’s no secret that Salsa’s Support team is one of the best in the biz. And we’re not just saying that: the Support team received a 98% satisfaction rating for the entirety of 2011 from the more than 2,000 organizations using Salsa. Since we want you to be satisfied and get your questions and issues resolved as quickly as possible, we’d like to share some tips on how to get the most out of Salsa Support.

First things first – how can you contact Support? The most straightforward way is to just shoot ‘em an email at support@salsalabs.com. Your second option, which can be even easier – especially if you’ve just encountered something - is to navigate to the Support link in your Salsa HQ (found here in the current version, and here in Salsa 2).

Next – what information does Support need from you? At the very least, you’ll want to include your organization number, and if the issue was with a particular item – for example, an email blast or an advocacy page– you’ll want to include the KEY number of that item. You can find both of those numbers here. Then you’ll also want to share as much detail as possible of the nature of the issue. What page were you on? What did you expect to happen – and what happened instead? One of the first things our Support specialists will do is to try to replicate the issue, so your details will help lead to a quicker turnaround.

Then – what should you expect? First, you’ll get an auto response acknowledging your ticket in the system. After that, you should receive a personal response, often within two hours. If it’s a quick fix, we’ll get you straightened out, or we’ll put you in touch with a Support Specialist who will give personalized attention to the ticket. We guarantee you’ll get a resolution or escalation for your ticket within two days (though often much sooner). If more information is needed to resolve your ticket, then we’ll ask you for that, too. (But if you provided all the information that we suggested above, we should be able to skip that extra step.) From there on, we’ll keep you up to date on a regular basis on the status of your support request.

Lastly – we know that for some organizations, time-to-resolution is the single most important factor for technical support. That’s where Salsa’s Premium Support package comes in. In addition to “top-of-the-queue” priority on your new support requests and a 2-hour resolution or escalation guarantee, you’ll also have a designated Salsa Support Specialist to manage your organization’s tickets and provide check-ins on a regular basis. Talk to your organization’s Salsa account manager to find out more!

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