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Salsa Blog

Google AdWords and Salsa

by Dave Leichtman, VP, Services and Support

One difficulty that many Salsa users have experienced over the last couple of years is the annoying need to "whitelist" their Salsa action, donation, or signup pages when using Google AdWords. Until recently Google required that the display URL used in your ad either matched the domain of the destination or was manually whitelisted by the Google Ads team. For instance, a client could have "seaturtles.org" in their ad and have the click-through direct people to a Salsa donation page like this one. And getting the URL whitelisted could take days or longer.

Well, that all changed for our nonprofit clients last week. Google no longer requires registered nonprofits to have individual ads whitelisted. Instead, if you're a 501(c)3, you can now apply for free to Google's Nonprofit Program. Once accepted, you'll be free to run whatever ads you see fit (as long as they conform to Google's other policies). Whitelisting, though, will be a thing of the past. And while you're there, apply for a Google Grant for some free AdWords love to help get your message out the the world.

You can review the Google Nonprofit Program to find out more about their application and eligibility for your organization.

Topics: Marketing