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Green Grants popularity delaying awards announcement

"All human wisdom is summed up in two words -- wait and hope"
-Alexandre Dumas

There was an overwhelming response in the environmental community for DemocracyInAction's recent Green Grants application window. And really (but we're biased) who wouldn't want free Salsa for a year?

We're amazed, as we always are when we have an opportunity to take stock, of the amazing work being done out there. Fortunately for the earth and a few billion of its inhabitants, there are so many of you out there doing so much amazing work that the applications far outran our projections.

So, while we intended to announce Green Grant winners this past Monday, June 1, we're still evaluating submissions -- as quick as we can, honest! -- and hope to have the awards announcement out next week.

Thanks for your patience. We're so sorry about the delay.

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