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How Feeling Good Leads to More Giving

by Beth Johnson, Communication Specialist, Salsa

Are you ready for this? Can you keep an open mind? Because this might just change the way you think about fundraising. Here it is: Harvard researchers found that people actually like to give to causes they care about. Meaning what, exactly? That when people give, it makes them feel good and feeling good makes them want to give more.

In terms of your fundraising efforts, this has some serious impact. It implies that supporters are primed and ready for you to ask for a gift. And, if you ask correctly, will likely make one to your organization. Here’s the best part- this theory also suggests that instead of waiting awhile to ask for another gift after receiving the first, you should consider making a second ask relatively soon. Even if you don’t feel comfortable asking for another gift, you should ask the supporter to get involved in some other way within a month of giving- it’s the time they are most predisposed to give and will probably get you some engagement- whether it’s signing a petition, writing a letter or volunteering.

As you’ve probably figured out, there is way more to this than we can cover in a short blog. But if you’re interested in getting all the details, we’ve got a great resource for you- our newest whitepaper on The Feel-Good Phenomenon of Giving. Download it for free and get tips and strategies from industry experts, plus a bunch of case studies from organizations that are using this notion to drive their campaigns to success.

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