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How to Create Effective Landing Pages for Your Nonprofit: Tip 2 Copy and Format

by Sarah Phillips, Search and Social Specialist, Media Cause 

This was orginally posted on mediacause.org

There are 7 main elements that make up the anatomy of a landing page. Each post in this 7 week series will briefly describe one element with related tips on how to create a successful landing page. Last week we discussed Tip 1: The Headline.

The second element to focus on in creating an effective landing page is number 2 above, the copy and format.

2. Copy & Format

The body of your landing page should further describe what your offer is and why visitors should download or sign up for it – therefore, your goal is to make clear the benefits of completing the form and answer the question “What’s in it for me?” You need to not only create and deliver value in the offer itself, but also convey that value on your landing page.


  • Content should never be longer than 5 lines
  • Proofread – Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors
  • Write in a way that tells the viewer how the product or service will benefit them or their organization by writing benefit-based sentences

The format of your landing page is equally to the success of your landing page as the content. Format your page in a way that makes it easy for viewers to understand the offer, the value, and the action they need to day. Your goal should be to convey the top 3 or 4 most important pieces of information almost immediately. Your formatting style should draw your viewers’ attention to the key components of your page very quickly, allowing them to take in and process the information in a shorter amount of time.


  • Use bullet points and numbering to simplify the visual layout of the text
  • Use bold or italicized text to highlight main focus points

Next Week: The Image

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