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How to Create Effective Landing Pages for Your Nonprofit: Tip 4 The Form

by Sarah Phillips, Search and Social Specialist, Media Cause
This was orginally posted on mediacause.org

There are 7 main elements that make up the anatomy of a landing page. Each post in this 7 week series will briefly describe one element with related tips on how to create a successful landing page.

The first element to focus on in creating an effective landing page is number 4 above, the form.

4. Form

The form is a crucial element of your landing page, since this is where the conversion takes place. The main questions to answer are what to include and how long to make it – Your goal should be to collect enough information through your form to enable you to both contact and qualify the lead. Or as Unbounce puts it:

To entice someone to complete your form you need to match the perceived effort involved in completing it (the length and personal nature of the form and it’s questions), with the ‘size of the prize’ (the item you offer in return, such as a discount, an ebook or a webinar registration).


  • Make sure the form appears above the fold – You don’t want the viewer to have to scroll down the page in order to see it.
  • Form Headline – Clearly state what action the viewer can execute on this page.
  • Make the form stand out on the page – Surrounding it with a colored box helps isolate it from the rest of the content.
  • Privacy and Security – Many people are hesitant when asked to provide sensitive information. You need to show your visitors that they can trust you with their information; a simple way to do this is by including a link to your privacy policy.

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