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How to Create Effective Landing Pages for Your Nonprofit: Tip 6 Logo and Hidden Navigation Bar

by Sarah Phillips, Search and Social Specialist, Media Cause
This was originally posted on mediacause.org

There are 7 main elements that make up the anatomy of a landing page. Each post in this 7 week series will briefly describe one element with related tips on how to create a successful landing page. In previous weeks we discussed Tip 1: The Headline, Tip 2: Copy and FormatTip 3: The Image, Tip 4: The Form, and Tip:5: The Call-to-Action.

The sixth element to focus on in creating an effective landing page is number 6 above, the Logo and Hidden Navigation Bar.

6. Logo and Hidden Navigation Bar

DO: Add your logo to your landing page – this makes it look more credible and helps garner the viewer’s trust.

DON’T: Include a navigation bar along the top or bottom of the site – this increases the likelihood that the visitor will get distracted and click away to another part of the site before filling out the form. You can bring back your navigation and keep the visitor moving through the site with other offers on the thank you page after the form has been completed.

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