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Introducing the Salsa Donation Form Mobilizer

It’s year-end fundraising time, and we have great news for you! Today,

People are viewing websites on mobile phones and tablet browsers more than ever before, and the share of visitors on these devices continues to increase. Much of this traffic is generated when people click on links in your email. This year, make sure these supporters have the best user experience with a mobilized form!

How it Works

  1. Sign up now, and be sure to point out exactly which form(s) you’d like mobilized.
  2. Within 48 hours, we’ll analyze your forms, and let you know price and turnaround time.
  3. We’ll log in to your Salsa account, copy your page template and add coding to make your forms mobile-friendly that display beautifully on various screen sizes. We’ll ensure that the fields are easy to navigate, and we’ll suggest other ways to improve and optimize your forms for the mobile and standard web environments.
  4. We’ll ensure your branding is front and center
  5. Before launching, we’ll allow you to test and preview your form on a variety of mobile platforms and then launch the new template.

The resulting form will allow your mobile- and tablet-wielding constituents to participate in your year-end fundraising campaign so effortlessly that they won’t even realize you haven’t always had a mobile-friendly form.

And because you’ve got the power of Salsa behind the form, you’ll be able to quickly and easily monitor the progress of your campaign.


  • Mobile-friendly template containing your logo, plus your tagline and a link to your main site
  • Any introductory text, images, and embedded videos we find in the original form
  • All standard fields, as well as your custom giving levels and credit card entry fields
  • Honor and memorial giving options
  • Options for one-time or recurring donations

Mobilizer Pricing

  • $500 for 1 form with a unique template
  • $100 extra for each additional form in the same template

So, if you have three forms, all using the same template, your total cost will be $700 to get all three mobile friendly.

If you have three forms that use three different templates, your total cost will be $1500 to get all three mobile-friendly.

Contact Us Today

Is your organization planning an yearend campaign? Contact us and we’ll get started on your mobile donation form right away to make sure your supporters get the best experience possible. And then keep in touch – we’d love to know how your new mobile-friendly form helps you meet your year-end fundraising goals!       

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