Salsa Labs Unveils New Marketing Automation Tools

Dan Quirk
February 20, 2018

Highly anticipated capabilities in Salsa Engage enable nonprofits to automatically trigger relevant email content based on a supporter’s online activities or interactions with their organization.

Nonprofit software leader Salsa Labs is announcing the release of powerful marketing automation capabilities in Salsa Engage.

Marketing automation replaces inefficient and ineffective mass communication methods by automating personalized, 1-to-1 messages to individuals in response to their online activities with an organization.


With this release, nonprofits can very precisely configure the email messages, the message timings and most importantly the trigger (the activity, or set of attributes) that enrolls a supporter in a marketing automation series. Once the series criteria is chosen and email content is developed, Salsa Engage will handle all of the messaging in the background.

Donna Myers, COO at Salsa Labs, said, “This automation is a game-changer for all nonprofits, especially those with limited resources. Salsa Engage replaces time-consuming, repetitive tasks by humans with personalized, relevant interactions delivered at the right time to the right supporters!”

Myers went on to share a common use case, “As an example, an automated email series could be built with the goal of turning a one-time donor into a monthly recurring donor. Thirty days after an individual makes their first one-time contribution, that individual would be enrolled into the email series where they would be emailed once every ten days with more information about the organization they supported. The series would automatically un-enroll that individual if they became a monthly recurring donor at any point during the series.”


This major functionality release from Salsa Labs follows a number of advancements they’ve made to their nonprofit technology offerings in recent months including Click to Call AdvocacySocial Advocacy, and Facebook Ads Integration.

About Salsa Labs

Salsa is a technology company that provides powerful fundraising, advocacy, marketing, and CRM software to nonprofit organizations helping them Engage and Change the World. Leveraging Salsa’s suite of easy-to-use tools, nonprofit customers of all types and sizes can truly communicate and manage relationships with their constituents across any channel including email, social, mobile, direct mail, and face-to-face. Through the Salsa Scholars eLearning experience, users have access to strategic best practices and training that helps them maximize the tools and exceed their organizational goals. The company fuels more than 3,000 organizations and 10,000 nonprofit professionals to deliver on their mission!

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