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Why Mobile Matters for Your Nonprofit

We’ve heard the question: Why is mobile such a big deal for nonprofits?

Maybe you’ve even gotten the question from someone in another department, your Executive Director or a Board Member. They often ask with the best of intentions, but you know that one way or another, mobile optimization is just not going to fit into the budget this year let’s be honest - probably not next year’s either. 


That is, unless you can paint a clear enough picture about what your organization stands to gain (and lose) by not jumping on the mobile bandwagon sooner than later. The rationale “Everyone’s doing it” is not always the wisest generally speaking, but in this case, the numbers of those flocking to mobile (your supporters as well as those competing for your supporters’ attention) is pretty compelling. This infographic may be the perfect visual to aid you in your noble quest to explain to those who just don’t understand “Why Mobile Matters to Nonprofits”.

Why Mobile Matters for Nonprofits

Good luck! And may the mobile glow of wisdom shine brightly upon your nonprofit.


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