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New Guide for the Savvy Offline Organizer

by Jeanette Russell, Organizing Director, Salsa Labs

Sure, you have loyal supporters and your nonprofit is well respected in your community. Perhaps you are so well known or effective, you haven’t had to devote much staff time to your online strategy. It’s certainly not a bad place to be.

I know of a ton of regional groups who fit this bill and who I admire because they are often the only ones defending their issue. That said, in my 18 years in the nonprofit field, I can’t think of one group who couldn’t use more people power.

If you are succeeding in the offline world there’s good news- there is some delicious low hanging fruit that awaits your opt-in. The thing is, if you aren’t leveraging your online advocacy strategy to its fullest, you’re missing out on big opportunities to grow and leverage your people power.

This is why we wrote The Essential Guide to Online Advocacy for Nonprofits, which is an easy-to-read reference guide specifically written for the savvy nonprofit leader who needs some quick tips.

The guide, which I co-authored with Kristine DeMint of Wiley, stresses the importance of merging offline efforts with online resources to ensure the right message is sent to the right people with optimal timing.

Below are a few of core principles we cover:

  • Finding your missed opportunities
  • Implementing best practices
  • Incorporating your theory of change
  • Mirroring your offline and online tactics
  • Using advocacy to recruit and engage your supporters
  • Streamlining the right message at the right time to the right audience
  • Leveraging your advocacy tool, tactics and channels

The book is the latest addition in a series of resources provided by Salsa focused on advocacy, with a specific emphasis on the online elements including Advocacy Unleashed, an online magazine that is packed with webinar recordings and expert advice.

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