Online Event Registration Forms in Salsa Engage [Video]

Dan Quirk
April 11, 2017

Give the same A+ treatment to your event attendees during registration with beautiful, mobile-ready event ticketing and registration forms. Your staff will love how easy it is to configure and customize the event types and ticket types so that you get all the information you need to put on a seamless, profitable event.

Let's look at how to configure an event registration form and ticketing in Salsa Engage.



Video Transcription


For all your fundraising events, Salsa can help you boost registrations and increase event ROI.

You’ll start by entering the event details and location.

In ticket configuration, you can customize the ticket types however you like...And you can use the quick help text as a guide in case you have questions along the way.

When your participants register, you can collect as much information as you need to create a personalized experience for them.

Now that you have your event registration setup…You can configure the payments while allowing for additional donations.

Finally, you’ll confirm all the registration details on a thank you page…And send everything in an autoresponder follow up email!


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