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Online Gifts to American Nonprofits Up 14 Percent Advocates, Repeat Donors Key

A new study by the Chronicle of Philanthropy found that online donations to American charities grew 14 percent in 2012. Pretty amazing, huh? The interesting part is that online giving still only accounts for about 2.1 percent of donations (on average) for nonprofits. So- what does this tell you? That maybe you should be looking at new and improved ways to draw donors to online giving.

You can read the full article for all the details, but I want to point out two noteworthy observations about how online giving is growing. The first is the notion of finding supporters who are active in online advocacy and directing efforts towards them to turn them into online donors. Goes hand in hand with the old adage of finding people where they are, right?

The second point is the importance of finding repeat donors. The biggest appeal of online donations for many would-be donors is that doing so is quick and easy. If you can set up the donation process to include an option that with the simple click of a button, supporters can give a gift each month with no further thought required, it makes it that much more likely that they will say yes.

Bottom line, read the article. Give it some thought. And consider if you could be doing more with your online giving strategy.

Looking for more info? If you aren’t using online tools to help with your donation program, you probably should be. Check out the whitepaper, CRMs and Nonprofits: Why You Need One, How to Use One and What to Avoid. If you’re looking for more recurring donations and how to make the most of them, The Feel-Good Phenomenon of Giving whitepaper goes deep into the subject with lots of advice and practical examples.

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