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Fundraising Off Current Events With Advocacy Tools For Nonprofits

Moving the public from the education phase through organizing all the way to action can sometimes be a slow, arduous process for advocacy organizations. Even simple campaigns can take months to plan and execute; and for those trying to affect the passage of legislation the endgame is often measured in years. That’s why it’s increasingly important to recognize current events that can generate momentum for your nonprofit and deliver fundraising opportunities.

In this article, we’ll discuss using Salsa’s advocacy tools for nonprofits, specifically its petition feature as an online fundraising tool to take advantage of current events that might impact your organization.

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How to Set Up Your Next Charity Auction for Success

Due to the pandemic and social distancing guidelines, your nonprofit has likely postponed or canceled its fundraising events. While this was a smart strategy at the onset of the pandemic, as nonprofits and individuals have settled into the new normal, it’s time your organization starts to pivot to the virtual sphere, if you haven't already.

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Constituent Relationship Management: A Guide for Success

For most nonprofit organizations, their most valuable asset is their constituent data. The right data allows you not only to contact the right people, but to personalize the content and timing of each message to each supporter. A nonprofit's Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system is usually the central piece of software at a nonprofit organization.

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Salesforce Integration for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations using Salesforce have a powerful and flexible tool at their disposal to track constituent information, manage campaign income, and generate intelligence needed to make smart decisions.  In addition to the CRM capabilities that Salesforce provides, Nonprofit organizations also need purpose-built fundraising and advocacy tools. 

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4 Common Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Mistakes

Given that events and in-person meetings are limited within the current climate, organizations are becoming increasingly reliant upon online fundraising. One of the most effective forms of online fundraising is Peer-to-Peer (P2P). This powerful fundraising method provides nonprofits with much-needed funds quickly, while also expanding their network of donors. 

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Q & A Compliance for Virtual Events and Auctions

Virtual events are a fun way to raise money for an important cause. Hosting an online event or auction will allow you to reach a broader audience. It’s also a great way to engage people with your cause when gathering together in person is not possible. Virtual events do require a great deal of planning and you need information. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about compliance for virtual events and auctions to provide you with the answers you need to make your event compliant and successful.

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Fundraising Software: Nonprofit Guide (& 15+ Top Providers)

Fundraising software, the applications used by nonprofit organizations to manage fundraising campaigns, include a wide variety of software that provide everything from simple form building tools to complete supporter engagement systems.

At a minimum, fundraising software will include the ability to create digital forms that can be used by supporters to submit online donations.  These systems will process payments and manage follow-up emails.  Many fundraising systems are also full-fledged marketing automation tools - providing email automation, social post management, and campaign analytics.  Complete supporter engagement systems may also include tools to manage Advocacy campaigns, Peer-to-Peer events, and other activities.  The most advanced supporter engagement systems include Smart Engagement tools that automate certain tasks and provide advanced intelligence to prioritize tasks and guide an organization's strategy.

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SmartEngagement: Technology for Today's Nonprofits

Today's supporters are bombarded by requests to buy, donate, support, volunteer, and interact.  It is no longer enough to design compelling messages that  "rise above the noise."  Modern nonprofits are employing "Smart Engagement" to get their message through. 

Smart Engagement involves using technology and automated processes to focus on the most important tasks and to make the best decisions possible.  It's about giving your staff the tools and the information they need to make smart decisions every day.

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What We Are Thinking About Today

While this time may be "unprecedented" for many reasons, the acts of racism and discrimination we are talking about today are not new.  Salsa Labs is encouraging our employees to listen, to learn, and to think about how each and every one of us can make a difference.  We are supporting our employees who choose to raise money and take meaningful action, and we encourage our community to do the same. 

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5 Critical Features of Your Ticketing Platform to Maximize Nonprofit Event Ticket Sales

Did you know that the ticketing platform you use could have a significant impact on ticket sales for your nonprofit events? That’s because not all ticketing platforms are equal. In fact, many of the big brands provide tools that are inadequate for nonprofit events that typically have limited budgets and need to not only sell tickets but also attract sponsors and donations.

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Donor Database: A Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Software

Donor database software provides nonprofit organizations with the ability to track every important piece of information about their donors, and also about volunteers and other supporters.  This information is critical for today's nonprofits that need to communicate effectively across multiple channels - often with limited resources.

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