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Salsa Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Series: Crowdfunding Campaigns

In the nonprofit fundraising world, spring is peer-to-peer event season. From Relay for Life to March for Babies, communities around the country will be participating in walks, runs, and dance-a-thons. As you plan your event, it's important to consider which version of P2P fundraising will work best for your organization. 

At a high level, P2P can be divided into three major categories. Terminology can differ, but for our purposes we refer to them as traditional “A-thon” fundraising, crowdfunding, and do‐it‐yourself (DIY) fundraising

Let's explore crowdfunding.

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New Peer to Peer Fundraising Software Overview Video

We just released a brand new video highlighting peer to peer fundraising in the Salsa Engage platform! From event sites, to individual and team pages, to coaching and administrative tools, you'll get the full overview in 90 seconds.

Topics: Peer to Peer

Building a Donation Form in Salsa Engage [Video]

Supporter donations fuel your mission and online gifts are crucial to multi-channel fundraising success.

Increasing your share of online donations should be more than just a #GivingTuesday initiative. It should play a key role in your digital strategy throughout the entire year. 

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Planning a DIY Peer-to-Peer Campaign

Planning a DIY Fundraiser requires you to think ahead about how to reach supporters, which options you’ll offer them, and the resources you can provide to help them reach their peer-to-peer campaign goal. In order to do so, make sure you follow these four simple steps: set reasonable expectations, choose a focus and campaign type, and decide what resources you’ll provide.

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Email Marketing Analytics in Salsa Engage [Video]

Building a beautiful email or crafting the perfect welcome series is a great start, but you can't just 'publish and pray!' You have to analyze and optimize. That's where Salsa's email marketing analytics come in handy.

As you continually analyze your nonprofit's email marketing campaigns, Salsa's intuitive built-in reports deliver the "at a glance" dashboard insights you need.

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A/B Testing Emails in Salsa Engage [Video]

Guess work is over. With A/B testing in Salsa, you can compare two versions of an email to determine effectiveness and continually fine tune your messages over time.

Launch your A/B test by sending multiple variations of emails to samples of your chosen audience. Analyze the results of each message and pick a winner manually, or automate the process and let the system determine the winner based on criteria you set. Either way, after selection the winning message can be sent to the balance of the list.

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Email Marketing Automation in Salsa Engage [Video]

This week on "Salsa in 60", our Senior Client Success Manager, Meghan Apfelbaum, will be highlighting how email marketing automation works in Salsa Engage.

According to Experian, emails that are part of an automated welcome series are 21 TIMES as effective as standard promotional emails in terms of dollars raised.

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Webinar Round-Up: Advocacy Best Practices for 2017

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New Online Advocacy Software Overview Video

We just released a brand new video highlighting Online Advocacy in the Salsa Engage platform!

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Building an Email in Salsa Engage [Video]

We're so excited to be kicking off a brand new video series this year, "Salsa in 60". Every Friday in 2017, our Senior Client Success Manager, Meghan Apfelbaum, will be highlighting features inside the NEW Salsa Engage or Salsa CRM platform in a one-minute (approximately) video.

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The Power of an Awesome Donor Thank You Letter

Last night I reminded my stepdaughters that we need to write thank you notes this weekend for birthday presents. My six year old, Jackie, was a bit miffed. “Why do we have to write thank you notes?” She asked. When I was six, I asked my mother the same question.

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