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9 Outstanding Online Fundraising Ideas to Try in 2017


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How Crowdfunding Can Help Nonprofits Raise More Money

Peer to Peer

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20 Key Performance Indicators Nonprofit Management Needs to Track

When it comes to determining how efficiently your nonprofit operates, there’s nothing quite as helpful as a large pool of accurate, relevant performance indicators that can objectively show you exactly how well you’re doing.

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23 Strategies to Take Your Fundraising To The Next Level

If you're a nonprofit, chances are, you're constantly looking for ways to better your fundraising strategies to raise more money for your cause.

After all, your nonprofit's strategy can always improve, and there's no better time to start thinking of new ways to increase donations than when you're planning your next fundraiser

Does this sound like your nonprofit? Start improving your fundraising efforts today with our 23 expert strategies that are guaranteed to take your nonprofit to the next level.  

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The Art of Crafting a Stellar Nonprofit Communications Strategy

Brochures, web copy, blog articles, Tweets, Facebook posts – the many forms of communication that communication professionals must master is wide. And, if they were people, they’d all be Sally from “When Harry Met Sally” – i.e. high maintenance, wanting their ice cream on the side and pie warmed but no whip cream, unless you can’t get the pie warm, then…

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20 Ways to Maximize Fundraising with Donor Management Software

If you work for a nonprofit that has faced the challenge of managing fundraising efforts without the right software, you know just how many problems using the wrong software can bring up.

First, there's the issue of unintegrated data. By using separate platforms to manage different aspects of your donor information, your data sources have no way to inform each other and, in turn, inform your fundraising efforts.

This isolation of your data makes it difficult for you to get a full picture of your supporters, which hurts your fundraising efforts.

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5 Ways to Engage 20-Somethings in Fundraising Events


Millennials seem to be an untapped resource when it comes to fundraising efforts. The value they can bring to an organization is often times overlooked, sacrificing countless potential donations. 

In the recent study, “The Millennial Impact Report,” research shows that 72% of people aged 20-30 are interested in participating in a nonprofit young professional group.

The desire to contribute is existent; the question becomes how can an organization harness this interest.

When organizing an event, here are some key factors to keep in mind to help engage the Millennial generation:

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#GivingTuesday: Social Media Fundraising 101

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Like a Boss: Twitter Best Practices for #GivingTuesday


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Infographic: A Timeline for Your End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign

Are you busy planning your end-of-year fundraising campaign? Wouldn’t it be great if it was all mapped out for you? Like a list of what to do each month between now and December 31?

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Infographic: 9 Step Guide To Buying Nonprofit CRM

We get it! There are tons of choices out there and buying software can be a daunting task. Use this infographic to develop a game plan for when you begin to ensure you satisfy all of your organization's wants and needs.

For more information about fundraising and nonprofit CRM software, check out one of our helpful guides.