P2P Event Pages in Salsa Engage [Video]

Dan Quirk
August 4, 2017

About 43% of millennials who are giving to nonprofits are donating through peer to peer fundraising. With millennials recently taking over as the largest generation, now is the time to launch your peer to peer fundraising strategy, and Salsa can help!

Watch and explore how you can start a peer to peer fundraising event in Salsa Engage:


[Video Transcription]

Peer to peer fundraising can help you exponentially grow your list and build more awareness for your cause. Let’s look at how to build a campaign in Salsa Engage.

For our Ocean Warrior peer to peer fundraising campaign, we’ll start by setting up an event page and configuring details such as dates, goals, event types, and the campaign, fund, or appeal we want the money to go towards.

Next we’ll set up the registration form. Here we can enter registration or ticket pricing, determine what contact information to collect, and list any additional merchandise we’d like to sell, such as a coffee mug.

After configuring the event registration payment gateway, it’s time to create the event pages! With a drag and drop content editor, we can easily design the look and feel of our event pages, add in a progress to goal thermometer, and show off the grassroots fundraiser leaderboard.

You’ll want to be sure to carry your event page branding through the registration, checkout, and confirmation steps as well!

Before moving on to set up fundraiser and team pages, we can preview the event pages, to see how they look on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

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