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Plain Text is the new Word

by Ashley Campbell, Senior Support Specialist, Salsa

As you might have heard before, pasting content from Microsoft Word into your Salsa content for a page or email blast had the tendency to mess up your blast formatting or, worse, result in errors with processing or viewing the page.

We understand how frustrating that could be, especially when the deadline to send a blast was fast approaching, and you learned you needed to start over from scratch on your email content. We are pleased to announce that starting today, you'll have less to worry about when pasting your content from Word.

Previously, Microsoft Word code could be brought into your page content by copying/pasting from Word into the WYSIWYG editor. Your work would look completely normal when viewing the content tab, but if you clicked to view the "source" code of the content, you'd see that it not only brought your fonts and colors and formatting over, but it embedded a bunch of extra (not good) proprietary code in the HTML as well.

This proprietary code would affect how the content looks in certain browsers, and can even affect the deliverability of emails (it gets marked as spam right away). Because it was not just email blasts that could be affected by Word code but was a problem anywhere you'd use the WYSIWYG editor, a number of issues could arise when pasting directly from Word. Our support team would generally recommend avoiding this by copying and pasting from Word into a plain-text editor before pasting it into the WYSIWYG, which helped strip out this extra code.

Now, however, you can skip that step. You can paste your content directly from Microsoft Word into the WYSIWYG. Bam - you're done.

Topics: Marketing