Salesforce Fundraising Software: The Buyer's Essential Guide

Alex Jeter
March 8, 2019

Check out the buyer's essential guide for Salesforce fundraising software.

Salesforce, the world's leading CRM, is used by nonprofits everywhere to store information about donors and details that will help them make stronger donation appeals in the future. As a nonprofit professional, you know the value of streamlining your donor information with your other software solutions.

In particular, storing data collected from your fundraising software can save your nonprofit an abundance of time in the future.

But with so many integration partners, apps, and features, how do you know which fundraising software is best for your organization?

This essential guide will help you learn more about Salesforce fundraising software in order to make an educated investment decision for your nonprofit. We'll cover the following key topics:

  1. Understanding the Basics
  2. Choosing the Right Fundraising Platform
  3. Raise More with Salsa Engage for Salesforce

We congratulate you on making a wise decision to conduct thorough research before you buy. Simply by learning everything you can, you're much more likely to make a smart purchasing decision. Now, let's dive in to learn more!

Understanding the basics about Salesforce fundraising software is the best way to get started.

1. Salesforce Fundraising Software: Understanding the Basics

As we stated before, Salesforce is the world's leading CRM. And that's not without reason. The software is designed so that any organization, nonprofit and for-profit alike, can completely configure the solution to meet their needs.

However, this configuration can be difficult to get up and running for some nonprofits. With so many options for engagement, marketing, and fundraising that can be incorporated into your Salesforce CRM, how do you know where to start?

Generally, there are two ways you can build your nonprofit toolkit on Salesforce: purchasing native apps or investing in nonnative integrations. Each option has its benefits, but, ultimately, a fully integrated software suite will build a more complete solution than one-off apps from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Native Salesforce apps are the alternative to nonnative Salesforce fundraising software.

Native Salesforce Apps

Salesforce offers the Salesforce AppExchange, on which you can purchase native apps (apps built within the Salesforce software) to complete your nonprofit's software arsenal.

One of the most effective ways to think about Salesforce Apps is by considering Salesforce as your toolbox. While a standard toolbox may come with a hammer and a wrench inside, it really becomes useful when you add your screwdrivers, a tape measure, pliers, a level, a straight edge, wire cutters, and other important items.

In the same way, Salesforce comes with the basic CRM tools that you need, but it really becomes successful when you pick and choose different solutions to add to the toolbox.

Each Salesforce app acts as a different tool. They each fulfill a specific purpose in your tool kit but are completely separate from one another. For instance, you may find an app for email marketing, a different app for donation pages, and another one for advocacy.

Salesforce apps connect to the Salesforce CRM, but do not connect to one another like nonnative Salesforce fundraising software. While this creates a system in which you can customize your toolbox to include all of the functionality your nonprofit needs, it also means that your nonprofit must conduct research about each and every app to make sure it's the best fit. Plus, those apps usually only integrate with Salesforce, rarely with one another, creating a somewhat disjointed software ecosystem.

A full Salesforce fundraising software suite offer more than one-off apps can.

Nonnative Suite Integrations

When you choose nonnative suite integrations, you invest in a complete pack of tools instead of purchasing one tool (app) at a time to fill your toolbox. 

Salesforce fundraising software will offer more than just a single service. It will fulfill all of your fundraising needs and connect all of the features with one another.

Integrating the Salesforce CRM with an entire suite of fundraising software gives your nonprofit all of the tools it needs to conduct successful fundraising campaigns and grow into the future. For instance, a fundraising software suite should include your peer-to-peer fundraising tools, click-to-call advocacy pages, donation pages, email triggers, and more within a single solution.

Salesforce fundraising software offers features that all connect with one another.All of the information collected from these sources is automatically saved in your Salesforce CRM. When your tools are connected through a suite of products, you'll see advantages such as:

  • Saving time and energy in the fundraising software research process. Instead of researching each individual app, you just need to rely on a single provider.
  • Saving money in the long run. Purchasing app after app as you need new features and functions adds up over time. Purchasing a single suite can actually save you money as your nonprofit grows.
  • Using data effectively by ensuring the connection between your fundraising software features. When these features are all a part of the same system, they can share data more effectively for your future fundraising needs.

While nonnative suite integrations are built outside of the Salesforce platform, they often have more functionality and more features than you'll find in one-off apps from the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Make sure your Salesforce fundraising software platform offers all of the best features.

2. Choosing the Right Salesforce Fundraising Platform

A complete Salesforce fundraising platform includes all of the fundraising tools you need as a nonprofit. There's no need to search for the single best Salesforce app for mail merging, the best for donation pages, and the best for peer-to-peer fundraising. That can waste time and energy that's better spent on your mission.

Instead, look for a Salesforce fundraising software solution that offers all of the features you need (both now and for the future) on a single platform.

Some of the key features your nonprofit should look for in this platform include online donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraising tools, event registration pages, matching gift tools, marketing automation tools, and advocacy functionality. Let's dive deeper into what each of these can do for your organization.

Salesforce fundraising software should offer custom online donation forms.

Online Donation Forms

According to Double the Donation, over 50% of donors prefer to give online through a credit or debit card. Therefore, ensuring your online donation page is up and running is key to capturing that majority of donors.

Salesforce fundraising software should empower your nonprofit to customize your donation form to include custom fields to collect the information most important to your organization. This information can then be streamlined into your Salesforce CRM for safekeeping.

Plus, look for software that encourages nonprofits to prioritize the user experience of their donation forms. Mobile optimization and website embedding make it easy for donors to both find and give to your organization.

Your Salesforce fundraising software should offer peer-to-peer fundraising tools.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Look for Salesforce fundraising software that makes peer-to-peer fundraising easy for your individual fundraisers, team leaders, and administrators.

Your administrators should be able to design a layout that individual fundraisers can customize with their personal images and appeals. When the team leader creates a fundraising page, make sure they include a fundraising thermometer on the page to track your fundraising progress over time.

Your peer-to-peer fundraising tools should also include a mobile app to check in on pages, reach out to social networks for donations, and thank donors right away while on the go.

Your Salesforce fundraising software should offer event registration tools.

Event Registrations

Boost your event registrations with a Salesforce fundraising software solution that makes it easy to customize a registration page, sell tickets, collect payment information, and design a confirmation email.

When your event registration software and peer-to-peer fundraising software are provided through the same platform, it's easy to set up a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign designed specifically for each of your nonprofit's events.

Then, the information collected from donors on your peer-to-peer fundraising pages as well as your event registration pages are added to supporter profiles in your Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce fundraising software should work with matching gift tools.

Matching Gift Tools

Increase your donation revenue by using an automated matching gift platform that integrates with your Salesforce CRM. For example, 360MatchPro by Double the Donation scans supporter information in your CRM to identify matching gift opportunities.

The platform will scan email domains, donation forms, and more to determine if your donors are eligible to submit a matching gift request to their employers. It will then automate email outreach to these supporters, letting them know about their eligibility and reminding them to complete a matching gift request.

By using matching gift tools and automating your outreach, you can double (or even triple!) your donation revenue through corporate matching gift programs.

Your Salesforce fundraising software should offer automation tools.

Automation Tools

Boosting your fundraising campaigns and boosting your marketing strategy go hand-in-hand, which is why the ideal Salesforce fundraising software offers marketing tools in addition to fundraising.

Automate your digital marketing with software tools that enable your organization to send out email and social media blasts linking back to your online donation pages or your event registration pages.

Plus, this software feature enables your nonprofit to trigger email series to send regular messages until a supporter completes an action. For instance, with a software solution that has both marketing automation and donation pages, you might trigger an email series to send messages until your supporter completes a donation.

Your Salesforce fundraising software should offer advocacy tools.

Advocacy Tools

Break up your fundraising campaigns by offering other engagement methods to your loyal supporters through your Salesforce fundraising software.

Click-to-call advocacy, targeted actions, and online petitions help nonprofit supporters amplify their voices on behalf of the organization. Make sure your software helps you connect with representatives and relevant business leaders to get their attention and help your nonprofit make a difference.

Check out Salsa Engage for Salesforce for your Salesforce fundraising software platform.

3. Raise More for Your Cause with Salsa Engage for Salesforce

As far as Salesforce fundraising software goes, you've already found a great option. Salsa now offers an integration option with Salesforce!

Salsa Engage for Salesforce enables nonprofits who already have Salesforce to leverage top-notch fundraising features such as peer-to-peer fundraising, donation pages, and the others listed above within your existing CRM.

Plus, with Salsa Engage for Salesforce, your nonprofit will have access to features such as bidirectional data integrations, frequent synchronizations, user-friendly configuration, and match and merge deduplication tools.

Salsa's Salesforce fundraising software offers bidirectional data integration.

Bidirectional Data Integration

Bidirectional data integrations enable relevant engagement data to flow from your fundraising software into your Salesforce CRM and back the other way.

This helps you collect information from the tools provided in Salsa Engage to store within your CRM, but also the data in your CRM to segment donors into lists for outreach through your fundraising software.

For example, if you have a new supporter who gives on your online donation page, the information they submit will flow directly into your Salesforce CRM. From there, you can add the donor to a segmented donor list for new supporters and send the group a welcome letter through Salsa Engage.

Salsa's Salesforce fundraising software offers frequent data synchronization.

Frequent Data Synchronization

Maybe you're thinking that this all sounds great, but wonder how often these two software packages actually flow information back and forth.

You can schedule your sync status between Salsa Engage and Salesforce to update records as frequently as every five minutes. This allows for timely and dynamic engagement with your supporters.

Salsa's Salesforce fundraising software offers user-friendly configuration.

User-Friendly Configuration

While many integrations are difficult to set up and manage, Salsa made sure that it would be easy for nonprofits to connect and sync with Salesforce. Their goal was to make sure nonprofits could set up the integration while using as few technical or consultative resources as possible.

Therefore, Salsa Engage for Salesforce has user-friendly configuration, connection, and mapping interfaces for the software.

Because nonprofits are able to set up the Salesforce integration within Salsa Engage, there are no additional third-party platforms to manage. This makes the configuration and connection of Salsa Engage for Salesforce incredibly simple.

Salsa's Salesforce fundraising software offers match and merge deduplication tools.

Match and Merge Deduplication Tools

Salsa Engage for Salesforce allows your nonprofit to leverage Salesforce's duplicate matching system. This system identifies duplicate donor profiles in the system to reduce the amount of time your nonprofit spends on cleaning out the database.

You can choose to automatically merge the duplicate profiles, or set up a review system so that you double check the match before they are merged.

Salsa Engage for Salesforce is a Salesforce fundraising software solution that helps your nonprofit leverage the full potential of the world's leading CRM.

Because all of the tools and features are located within the same platform, your nonprofit can better manage and use the data that's stored in your Salesforce CRM.

If you want to unlock more supporter management and fundraising tips, check out these additional resources:

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