4 Salesforce Integration Features Your Nonprofit Needs

Alex Jeter
November 5, 2018

Find out the 4 Salesforce integration features your nonprofit needs.

For nonprofits of all shapes and sizes, Salesforce is their CRM of choice. This cloud-based constituent relationship management platform is extremely flexible for nonprofits with specific customization requirements. Salesforce offers rich constituent tracking, report building tools, and the ability to connect data together from multiple points.

Did you know that Salsa Engage now integrates with Salesforce? Now, the same nonprofits using Salesforce can start getting more out of Salsa Engage’s robust nonprofit software suite.

As a nonprofit professional, you already know how important it is to keep your data streamlined. Having an integrated software ecosystem can save so much time and frustration behind the scenes since it eliminates the need to manually import data and minimizes the risk of data mismanagement.

There are a lot of fundraising apps out there that integrate with Salesforce, but only Salsa Engage can bring your nonprofit’s operations to the next level.

Up to now, numerous options for "point tools" that integrate with Salesforce have been available in the Salesforce App Exchange. For instance, if you were looking for just online fundraising or just email marketing you could choose a "point tool" that accomplishes those specific tasks and shares data with Salesforce.

Salsa Engage for Salesforce is different. This is the first true online engagement platform that will enable nonprofits to leverage the power of Salesforce targeting and segmentation for all their online marketing, fundraising, and advocacy campaigns, all in one place.

With Salsa Engage for Salesforce, your nonprofit can:

  1. Enhance your online fundraising with Salesforce.
  2. Leverage Salesforce segments to expand your digital marketing.
  3. Promote advocacy through your nonprofit’s Salesforce app.
  4. Empower your peer-to-peer fundraising with seamless Salesforce data.

In this article, we’ll review some of the top ways Salsa Engage’s platform integrates with Salesforce and show your team how to make the most of this special integration.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

Enhance your online fundraising with Salesforce.

1. Enhance your online fundraising with Salesforce.

If there’s one fact that remains true campaign after campaign, it’s that the more your nonprofit knows about its donor community, the better equipped you’ll be to fundraise.

Having integrated CRM and fundraising solutions plays a crucial role in informing your organization’s fundraising strategy. When you can seamlessly flow fundraising data into your CRM, you’re able to leverage this knowledge to offer targeted fundraising opportunities and optimize your strategy across the board.

This is why adopting Salsa Engage for Salesforce can make such a difference for your nonprofit. By utilizing this integration, your team will never have to worry about losing out on important fundraising insights you can only gain through seamless data transfer.

Salsa Engage for Salesforce offers nonprofits the best of both worlds. Using Salsa Engage’s robust online fundraising tools, your team can:

  • Create unique fundraising forms that reflect your organization’s identity and community through branded color schemes and custom imagery.
  • Tailor the giving experience to your donors by offering recurring gift opt-ins, giving suggestions, or an embedded matching gifts database.
  • Offer peer-to-peer fundraising opportunities to your dedicated fundraising volunteers, empowering them to spread the word about your cause while raising money.
  • Add custom data fields to your online fundraising forms to capture important information your nonprofit needs to know to better understand your community.

After you’ve configured Salsa’s online fundraising tools for your nonprofit, you’ll then be able to effortlessly capture important data and access it in Salesforce. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to more effectively:

  • Manage the giving cycle by curating a complete picture of your supporters’ giving histories. Know when to send thank-you messages and reconnect with lapsed donors, or strategize how you’ll convert interested supporters into first-time givers.
  • Understand your givers by building out robust donor profiles. When supporters give through your fundraising forms, Salesforce will automatically create unique profiles you can use to strategize future asks and create tailored engagement opportunities.

By empowering your fundraising strategy with smart data tools, Salsa Engage for Salesforce helps your nonprofit take a comprehensive approach to your fundraising strategy that would be impossible without a seamlessly integrated solution.

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Leverage Salesforce segments to expand your digital marketing.

2. Leverage Salesforce segments to expand your digital marketing.

As your nonprofit captures data and flows it to your Salesforce CRM, it’s time to make the most of the platform’s smart segmentation tools.

Supporter segmentation refers to the process of sorting your constituents into relevant subgroups. By doing so, you can tailor your nonprofit’s marketing efforts to specific segments rather take a one-size-fits-all approach.

This way, your team can ensure it’s reaching the right supporters with the right message.

Salesforce offers nonprofits a wide range of features to create relevant and informative supporter segment lists. Your nonprofit might create segments that sort supporters by:

  • Donor status, such as first-time donors, repeat givers, members of your recurring gifts program, or major donors.
  • Advocate groups, including members of your organization who have signed online petitions and those who have engaged with targeted actions.
  • Volunteer status, such as first-time volunteers, those who have never volunteered, or those serve as peer-to-peer fundraisers.
  • Preferred marketing channels, including different segments for social media platforms, active email users, and more.

When it comes to maximizing the digital marketing tools offered by Salsa Engage, there’s no better way to connect with your community than by creating targeted strategies for each of your Salesforce supporter segments.

Track the actions of different segments and then apply what you learn to your marketing outreach. Try some of the following marketing features Salsa Engage has to offer in carrying out your segmented marketing strategy:

  • Rich marketing automation. Marketing automation replaces inefficient and ineffective mass communication methods by automatically triggering personalized, 1-to-1 messages to individuals in response to their activities with an organization.
  • Automate your social media outreach. Create templated social media messages to send out to the unique supporter segments who follow your cause on social media. Draft, schedule, and publish posts according to your editorial calendar.
  • Tailor email streams to your goals and audience. Use Salsa’s email drafting tools to create email templates for different segments. Then, automatically flow data like your supporters’ names, email addresses, and giving history into the templates.

With Salsa Engage, your nonprofit can also create sign up forms to capture new subscribers for email lists and marketing outreach. As you build your contact lists, you can then track marketing journeys through Salesforce to monitor conversion metrics and hone your marketing strategy.

Promote advocacy through your nonprofit’s Salesforce app.

3. Promote advocacy through your nonprofit’s Salesforce app.

Spreading the word about your cause is at the heart of your nonprofit’s mission and central to achieving your organization’s goals.

That being said, not all nonprofits take advantage of advocacy software to boost awareness of their cause and drive social action.

Salsa Engage’s advocacy tools are uniquely equipped to empower your nonprofit to raise the profile of your cause online, and these tools are made even more effective when coupled with Salesforce’s dynamic software.

Leverage your tailored Salesforce segments to drive your organization’s advocacy campaigns. Salsa Engage’s robust advocacy tools include:

  • Targeted actions. Use segmented Salesforce lists to determine which of your followers would be best suited for unique targeted actions. Then, call on these lists to take a targeted action, like submitting a templated message to their legislator through a webform.
  • Social media advocacy. Similarly, you can use Salesforce to segment your lists by factors like where your supporters live to determine their legislator. Then, send supporters a special form that empowers them to Tweet or Facebook message their specific representative.
  • Click to call. Sort your supporters by their legislative districts and then share Salsa Engage’s click to call prompts with them. These give individuals scripts and talking points to follow, as well as a button that automatically calls their assigned legislator.

While many nonprofits leverage Salsa’s advocacy software to drive political action, you can also segment your Salesforce lists by a person’s employer, their favorite companies, their political affiliations, and more.

Then, you might use any of these advocacy tools to inspire decision makers in those groups to take action on behalf of your cause.

Salsa Engage also offers unique tools to capture important supporter data that can be used to strengthen your advocacy efforts. As you amass this information, it will flow into Salesforce and can be used to build supporter profiles and create intelligent segments.

In particular, Salsa’s online petition software is well suited to collect key advocacy data for your campaigns. Simply build customized forms and then call on your constituents to sign the petitions.

When they complete the forms, the data will be captured by Salesforce and will help your team build a more robust data strategy for the advocacy arm of your organization.

Empower your peer-to-peer fundraising with seamless Salesforce data.

4. Empower your peer-to-peer fundraising with seamless Salesforce data.

Finally, Salsa Engage's peer-to-peer fundraising software enables nonprofits like yours to fundraise for your cause while collecting key data you'll access in Salesforce.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is one of the fastest growing fundraising methods out there, and there's a reason why Salsa Engage's robust peer-to-peer fundraising platform is a fan favorite.

Salsa's peer-to-peer fundraising tools enable nonprofits to:

  • Create custom P2P fundraising pages. Nonprofits can build customized peer-to-peer fundraising pages and then share them with their supporters. These individuals are able to add a personal touch to their pages and can get started sharing them with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Set up team fundraising campaigns. Not only can individual supporters help fundraise for your cause, but motivated community members can get together to cheer each other on and work toward a common goal. Your teams might represent families, local schools, companies, or other altruistic groups.
  • Launch event registration pages. The best P2P campaigns are anchored by engaging events. These help excite fundraising volunteers as well as their personal networks as the event date approaches. Your team can use Salsa Engage to create custom event pages to share with supporters.
If your nonprofit has been settling for an unintegrated peer-to-peer fundraising solution, it's time to rethink your software strategy.
Now that Salsa Engage integrates with Salesforce's robust constituent management tools, your team never again needs to miss out on important peer-to-peer fundraising insights. 
Through Salsa's seamless Salesforce integration, your team can manage constituents by key engagement and fundraising indicators that can help shape how your organization approaches peer-to-peer fundraising moving forward.
You can leverage Salesforce's data to:
  • Segment supporter lists by individuals who have hosted P2P campaigns.
  • Market directly to repeat peer-to-peer fundraising volunteers.
  • Track constituents as they move through the unique P2P giving cycle.
  • Manage new donors who have only given to your cause via a P2P campaign.
  • Identify constituents who would be good candidates for peer-to-peer fundraising.

Just like traditional online fundraising methods, your team can learn a lot about your constituency via peer-to-peer fundraising. Why lose out on those important insights by using incompatible fundraising and CRM tools?

With Salsa Engage for Salesforce, your peer-to-peer fundraising strategy can start benefiting from seamless data transfer so your team can craft an informed and insightful P2P strategy.

There are a lot of Salesforce apps out there, but only Salsa Engage for Salesforce offers you the robust software platform you need to reach your fundraising, marketing, and advocacy potential. With these essential Salesforce integration features in mind, your team is ready to make a smart decision for your nonprofit's next software investment.


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